Hamilton, BERMUDA, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Len Schutzman, Chairman of Arbitrade Ltd., on behalf of its Board of Directors, announced today via its Agency of Record for Traditional and Non-Traditional Media, Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP), that the Arbitrade group has completed the acquisition of the Victoria Hall Building located at No 6. Victoria Street, Hamilton, Bermuda, which will serve as Arbitrade Ltd. Bermuda World Headquarters.

Victoria Hall Link: https://arbitrade.io/docs/victoria_hall.html 

Len Schutzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arbitrade Ltd., said, "This purchase represents Arbitrade’s commitment to Bermuda as the World’s leading jurisdiction in the digital asset space. The Company now proposes to make plans to renovate the building to house its global head office digital asset exchange. Once its subsidiary, Arbitrade Exchange (Bermuda) Ltd. is licensed under the Digital Asset Business Act 2018, it intends to commence its hiring process, which will create numerous training and employment opportunities for Bermudians. Arbitrade Ltd. is very excited about developing its long-term partnership with Bermuda for all Bermudians.”


The Arbitrade platform, a holistic end-to-end system, aims to provide crypto-currency access to everyone-from unbanked individuals to seasoned traders. Arbitrade Ltd. seeks to provide this access with a mobile platform via ArbiPay, as well as by physical card systems. Integrating this retail access with Arbitrade Exchange creates a unique on-ramp for everyone from experienced traders to people simply seeking to enter the financial markets.

Arbitrade’s  crypto-currency merchant exchange Intellectual Property (IP), proprietary software has unique worldwide licensing potential through strategic partnerships, as an example, but not limited to the sectors of Financial Retail Sales and Services, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage Companies, Technology, Computer Companies and Media Companies in all segments of the crypto-currency business, including mining and trading (THE ARBITRADE EXCHANGE) with emphasis on currency mining e.g. Gift Cards, Debit Cards, Money Transfers and Point of Sale Processing. 

Robust crypto-currency mining facilities are required for transaction processing that supports blockchain centric solutions, including ArbiPay’s crypto-currency transactions at the retail level or large scale trading on the Arbitrade Exchange. Arbitrade Mining supports these objectives by garnering mining rewards and processing fees. Each of these businesses reinforces the others. 

Arbitrade Ltd. intends to offer a complete suite of token services which include, cryptocurrencies, altcoins, utility tokens, security tokens, asset tokens, reputation/reward tokens and other dApp coins.  The company is partnering with existing global infrastructure to provide the fastest gateway to all trading counterparties in 50+ countries.  The integration of ArbitradeX (exchange) with the world’s largest trading counterparties is expected to provide liquidity, price transparency, high quality token/coin offerings, compliance and security through the world’s most recognized and trusted institutions.

In addition, Arbitrade is building, buying and partnering to create a suite of Arbitrage Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to provide an important multiplier to these business results, leveraging return, and allowing Arbitrade to acquire additional hard assets supporting Arbitrade crypto-currencies. 

The Arbitrade platform, which includes mining, trading, and the Arbitrade Exchange, together with ArbiPay (our global payments system), positions Arbitrade as the industry leader on a global scale.  

Arbitrade Ltd. further announced their Corporate Policy for Communications by Chairman Len Schutzman: 
Traditional and Non-Traditional Media, excluding Investor Relations will be under the engagement of Creative Management Partners LLC and it’s CEO Alan Morell.
Questions from “Coin Holders” are under the counsel of Stephen Braverman.
Questions from Security or Cypto Industry Advisory Firms are under the counsel of John MacNeil.


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