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Cleveland, OH and Boston, MA, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogicJunction and Medumo have announced their strategic partnership to collaboratively implement technology to help patients navigate each step of their care journey. The combined offering helps patients arrive on time and fully prepared for their appointments and procedures.


LogicJunction’s digital wayfinding platforms are used by many of the nation’s leading hospitals to transform in-hospital navigation into an experience that patients and caregivers can take on with confidence and ease. Medumo’s CareTour technology has exchanged over five million touchpoints with patients and serves over 25 hospitals by sending precisely timed notifications and instructions via SMS and email to patients to ensure they show up prepared for their procedures.  By tracking patient behavior, Medumo’s technology can also predict which patients are at higher risk to no-show and prevent failure by sending alerts to hospital administrators. 


”Patients will know what to do from the moment they schedule an appointment through the completion of their post-operative care,” said Medumo Chief Operating Officer Jacob Cohen. With a combination of LogicJunction and Medumo’s technologies, once patients schedule their appointments, they will receive instructions about how to prepare for their procedures and where to check-in, including interactive directions inside of the hospital.  LogicJunction’s mobile indoor positioning app can provide enhanced features such as blue-dot navigation (similar to GPS) and location-based messaging.  Post-operative care messages will be sent to patients and satisfaction surveys can be sent to patients in their native languages as desired by each provider. Medumo and LogicJunction aspire to create a world-class patient experience, reduce operational inefficiencies for hospitals by ensuring patients show up on time for their care and know what to expect every step of the way.


About LogicJunction

LogicJunction is a Cleveland-based technology solutions provider specializing in indoor navigation systems for the healthcare industry. With a suite of established navigation platforms, including a state-of-the-art mobile app that fuses geomagnetic location-based data with Wi-Fi and BLE data, LogicJunction delivers a scalable and cost-saving system that enhances indoor experiences for all users.


About Medumo

Medumo helps hospitals, surgical centers, and care teams automatically guide patients throughout their care journey. Its patient navigation platform ensures that patients appropriately schedule, show up on time, have all their pre-appointment tasks completed, and continue to follow instructions when they go home after their surgery, procedure or clinical appointment. The technology adapts to patient needs and uses channels of communication that patients prefer (email, SMS, voice) in their native language. By tracking and A/B testing patient behavior at scale, Medumo's software also predicts/prevents failure by optimizing and customizing patient instructions. 



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