FDA Approves Novel Single-Vial Formulation of EGRIFTA®

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

MONTREAL, Nov. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Theratechnologies Inc. (Theratechnologies) (TSX: TH) is pleased to announce that the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has approved the new single-vial formulation of EGRIFTA® (tesamorelin for injection). EGRIFTA® is a growth hormone-releasing factor analog and is the only FDA-approved treatment for excess abdominal visceral adipose tissue (VAT) in HIV-infected patients with lipodystrophy.

The novel formulation, currently known as “F4”, is indicated for the reduction of excess abdominal fat in HIV infected patients with lipodystrophy which is the same indication as the original two-vial formulation of EGRIFTA® approved by the FDA.

Lipodystrophy is a serious metabolic condition which is associated with the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver and high triglyceride level.

The new single-vial formulation is four times more concentrated than the currently commercialized formulation of EGRIFTA®. As a result, it reduces the volume of administration to 0.35 ml instead of 2.0 ml for the current formulation. Its handling is also more user-friendly as it comes in a single vial instead of two. Furthermore, it is stable at room temperature, thus it does not require a cold-chain distribution network from the manufacture to the patient. This represents an advantage for patients as well as for Theratechnologies.

“At this stage of the product’s lifecycle, the new formulation represents a tremendous opportunity to revitalize the brand. The launch of the new formulation will help to re-energize this important product for Theratechnologies and help patients manage a serious HIV co-morbidity,” said Luc Tanguay, President and Chief Executive Officer, Theratechnologies Inc.

“The new formulation offers several advantages over the currently marketed two-vial formulation. This will definitely help to support growth in the coming months and years,” added Mr. Tanguay.

EGRIFTA® is currently approved in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

You should not take EGRIFTA® if you

  • have or have ever had any problems with your pituitary gland.
  • have cancer or are receiving treatment for cancer.
  • are allergic to tesamorelin or any of the ingredients in EGRIFTA®.
  • are pregnant or become pregnant. If you become pregnant, stop using EGRIFTA® and talk with your healthcare provider.
  • are less than 18 years of age.

The most common side effects of EGRIFTA® include: joint pain, pain in legs and arms, swelling in your legs, muscle pain, tingling, numbness and pricking, nausea, vomiting. For more information on EGRIFTA®, please visit www.egrifta.com.

Full prescribing information available at www.egrifta.com

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