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The history of the legal cannabis industry is fairly short, a work in progress. The legal market is only beginning to leave behind its black market origins, and the prohibition on scientific research around the plant is being lifted. One fact that has recently come to light is that a particular strain of cannabis can vary widely in its genetic makeup and active ingredient profile, depending on how it is grown, the source of the seed, and other variables. Consumers buying OG Kush or Pineapple Express are not, in any way, guaranteed the same product each time they buy their chosen strain. This can lead to an inconsistent experience for both medical patients and recreational consumers, and is certainly no way to market a product.

AREV Brands International (CSE: AREV) is a vertically integrated cannabis company that recognizes the need to constantly breed innovative strains that have distinct and proprietary  cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The company through its ownership of BC Bud Depot controls a seed bank of hundreds of rare strains, and is identifying a variety of desired genetic traits within its catalogue to replicate on a large scale. By protecting the intellectual property associated with its genetics, AREV is positioning itself as a foundational player in both the medical and adult-use legal cannabis markets. The strategy to breed innovative plants that encase the experience and flavor profiles into bud, oil, shatter and ingredients to be used in branded products is ideally what the consumer demands. AREV recognized this and built it right into its value proposition.

The Truth About Cannabis Variants

Most dispensary workers, or budtenders, will offer advice on the types of strains available and the expected effects of those strains. If you want to melt into the couch, this strong Indica should do the trick. Looking for a creative and energetic boost? Here is the perfect Sativa. However, recent research indicates that these characteristics are not necessarily consistent within strains, and even calls into question the generally accepted classifications of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties.

AREV’s Solution

As part of its integrator approach to the cannabis market, AREV recently purchased BC Bud Depot. BCBD is one of the world’s most respected and awarded breeders of cannabis, holding a seed bank of hundreds of unique strains and offering a vast international distribution network. BC Bud Depot’s strains have won awards at numerous international cannabis competitions over the last 15 years or so. The company utilizes its seed bank of rare and award winning strains and leverages its expertise in breeding, producing hundreds of thousands of highly-consistent seeds at a time.

AREV and BC Bud Depot are currently in the process of sequencing the genomes of a number of their best strains. The exercise has a variety of potential benefits. Identifying, cataloging, and preserving specific genetic profiles will support protecting the company’s intellectual property. Patent protection in the cannabis industry does not exist at this point, but it’s easy to see that there is a need for it as the industry matures in its newly legal framework. Much like the pharmaceutical drug development industry, the creators of specific genetic lines of cannabis will need to protect and profit from their creations. Genome sequencing allows for this, and consumers will also be assured that their preferred strain, as an exact genetic identity, delivers as advertised regardless of the point of purchase.

Genome sequencing can also greatly inform AREV’s breeding decisions going forward. By identifying and isolating specific genetic traits and desirable qualities, strains can be chosen for interbreeding with a higher degree of confidence in achieving the intended results. The breeding program is intended to be a revenue generator for the company by offering strain development to legal cultivators around the world and through the licensing of proprietary strains.

Matthew Harvey, founder of BC Bud Depot and the man responsible for its breeding program, stated, “We are excited to identify, catalog, and protect our superior genetics. With our best genomic profiles recorded, we will utilize tissue culture and cryogenic technology to preserve our varieties into the future. We have the most complete seed bank in the Canadian market and look forward to leveraging both our history and our dedication to using the latest technology to cement the crucial role of genetics in the development of the legal cannabis industry.”

Looking Ahead

AREV Brands International (CSE: AREV) is developing along several lines at once. Through a joint venture with Alternative Extracts Inc., the company offers state-of-the-art extraction services and has developed a proprietary method for the infusion of oil-based extracts into beverages. The company is planning a wide variety of extract-based products like oils, creams and sprays that springboard off of the extraction technology. 

AREV also has an extensive distribution network for its current health-related natural products that should make its go-to-market transition for cannabis products fairly seamless. At the base of all of its cannabis initiatives lies the company’s catalog of proprietary strains and proven breeding success, giving AREV a head start in a sector of the cannabis industry that will only become more influential as the industry gains legal traction throughout the world.

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