15 Industry Leaders Join Evernym’s Global Accelerator to Build the Future of Digital Identity.

Salt Lake City, UT, Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Evernym, the leader in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions, has launched the Accelerator Program and has signed 15 global organizations to join the inaugural membership group. The Accelerator helps further its members’ mission to make it easier, safer and less expensive for organizations to transact and manage digital relationships with their customers, while reducing the digital footprint and privacy risks faced today.

Founding members of the Accelerator include industry leading organizations ATB Financial, IAG, Irish Life, the International Federation of Red Cross, Spark New Zealand, Truu and three provincial and state governments. Collectively, these organizations represent the interests of 100's of millions of individuals worldwide.

The diversity of this group sends a clear signal—the issues plaguing digital identity are chronic and global but for the first time in history, they can be solved. The Accelerator looks beyond the technological aspects to address the commercial and policy considerations required to deliver a self-sovereign model for digital identity interactions. Use cases are wide-ranging and include customer onboarding, KYC, digital identity credential issuance, humanitarian efforts and many more.

"We're excited to be part of the Accelerator," said Nathan Cooper, Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. "We see self-sovereign identity as a pivotal new technology that can help us better address humanitarian needs.”

Evernym noted that today’s digital identity models have led to unintended consequences that hurt both organizations and individuals. These consequences include the erosion of privacy, increased incentives for data breaches and the sheer friction individuals face in registering for services and managing their identity data. This pain is becoming increasingly acute and as such, the movement to a decentralized model has already begun to address these challenges. To be ready and stay relevant, organizations aiming to lead with customer-centric, differentiated experiences need to act quickly.

Bryan Georges, Evernym’s Director of Ecosystem Growth said, “We are thrilled to launch this initiative which fosters collaboration and provides the tools and expertise needed to take self-sovereign identity capabilities to market. Many use cases require multi-party alignment which makes the diversity of this group that much more meaningful”.


About SSI
Self-sovereign identity enables people, organizations and things to securely and privately store and control their own identity data, and to connect directly with other people, organizations and things.

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Founded in 2013, Evernym develops software solutions that leverage cryptography and blockchain technology to establish trust in the interaction of people, organizations and things. Learn more about Evernym and its self-sovereign identity solutions at evernym.com.


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