Penthera and Liberty Global Onboard New Apps, Widening Support for Mobile Video Playback

Global Partnership Expands Penthera’s Reach to Boost the Streaming Video Experience for Customers Across Eight Countries

NEW YORK, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Penthera, the global leader in high-quality download-to-go and related mobile video software, today announced that its global footprint has expanded following a strategic partnership with Liberty Global, the world's largest international TV and broadband company. Penthera’s Download2Go product has been rolling out across Liberty’s European footprint since May within such apps as Horizon Go, Virgin Media’s TV Go and Ziggo Go.

Liberty Global is part of Penthera’s impressive customer roster, which also includes leading streaming services across North America. Today, Penthera software is now operational in eight countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland.

“The future of video comes down to being able to seamlessly deliver content to our customers whenever, wherever and however they choose. And we’re doing just that,” said Liberty Global’s Chief Product Officer, Doron Hacmon. “Together with Penthera’s technology, we’re offering a truly mobile video experience that allows our customers to access content on-the-go with first-class quality – even without connectivity.”

In addition, Liberty Global’s Anita Arts, Managing Director, Supply Chain, sits on Penthera’s Board of Directors, further signaling Liberty’s commitment to progressive technologies that benefit its customers.

Mobile video viewership is on the rise, with 78% of the global digital video audience using their phones to watch content, according to eMarketer. Yet Penthera research indicates that a majority of viewers are frustrated with their mobile video experience at least half of the time, with many viewers eventually giving up and abandoning a video. Buffering remains the number one source of frustration, with 65% of viewers saying it makes it hard to enjoy the viewing experience. Penthera’s Download2Go solution solves these problems by allowing viewers to download episodes and movies and watch them whenever they’d like, even with less-than-optimal WiFi conditions.

“The movement from traditional TV to streaming video is a global phenomenon, and apps and networks around the world need to ensure that they can provide the experience consumers expect,” said Dan Taitz, President and COO, Penthera. “Advancements in 5G connectivity and WiFi hotspots may improve playback in the next few years, but the smart media companies aren’t going to put customer satisfaction on hold waiting for that. We are excited about our international penetration and I expect Penthera’s footprint to extend to at least a dozen more countries within the next few quarters.”

Penthera recently joined the Streaming Video Alliance, a global association of organizations from across the video ecosystem that have come together to collaborate on building solutions to the technical challenges facing the streaming video industry.

In addition to Download2Go, Penthera provides other products that solve last mile playback problems. FastPlay is a buffer-free video launcher that starts live streaming the moment play is pressed, without the start-up delay that causes buffer rage. The Penthera software suite also includes a subscription product, allowing viewers to subscribe to content, which will automatically download onto their devices when it becomes available, as well as push notifications that allow streaming services to share trailers and other new content with their audience, and an embargo feature that helps avoid network crashes.

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Penthera is a global software company that develops and deploys products facilitating the delivery of TV shows, movies and other video content over wireless networks to mobile devices. Led by Michael Willner, Chairman and CEO and Dan Taitz, President and COO, Penthera’s Download2Go solution allows consumers to watch video content when they don’t have access to a suitable internet connection.

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