Guillin, China, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FeiyuTech, international leader in the gimbal industry, has three devices to light up any holiday gift list. FeiyuTech G6, G6 Plus and Vimbal 2 take smart phones to the next level, with video stabilization technology to capture life’s most exciting moments!

FeiyuTech is a creator in the photo-tech ecosystem. They excel in the space between technology and imagination, with robust gimbals that provide a smooth and stable filming experience to capture the most exciting escapades. And this year there is a FeiyuTech gimbal for any holiday gift list!

FeiyuTech G6, for everyone, anywhere
With photos and video becoming the everyone’s top hobby, FeiyuTech G6 is the go-to device for those with a passion for imagination, from everyday Instagrammers to outdoor adventurers. FeiyuTech G6 is a portable, handheld stabilizer which features WiFi and Bluetooth in dual work mode. An ingenious, integrated OLED screen displays camera specifications, battery life and work-mode, making filming easy. Splash-proof and robust, the gimbal is built to accompany anyone, anywhere. And there is no block in visual, for unobscured filming.

FeuyuTech G6 Plus, for the photo and video enthusiast
This all in one gimbal features a small and portable body, built to support all types of cameras within the 800g range, and is easily compatible with GoPro, mobile phones, pocket video cameras and micro-single lens reflex cameras. G6 Plus features the original multifunction magic focus ring to precisely control the zoom of the camera when connecting to the Feiyu ON App, and thanks to the three axes the joystick panning, rolling and tilting can keep up with the most exciting adventures.

FeiyuTech Vimbal 2, for those who want the big picture
Ingenuity is at the heart of the FeiyuTech brand, and this three-axis handheld is the first gimbal with a built-in extension bar! Perfect for those who want to capture more, the 7-inch bar is the ultimate selfie stick for group photos or shots with an incredible backdrop.

Thanks to FeiyuTech gimbals, holiday shopping is easy!
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About FeiyuTech
Established in 2007, FeiyuTech is a world leader in manufacturing videography stabilization technology that combines imagination and innovation. As an innovator, FeiyuTech has defined multiple industry milestones including their position as the first gimbal manufacturer to collaborate with Apple. Ingenuity and excellence are at the heart of the brand, which empowers adventurers with robust tools made for smooth and stable filming, in any active environment.


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