Please notice that the merger below has been postponed, cf. today’s disclosure from Investeringsforeningen BankInvest. 

Thus, last day of trading UCITS shares in the discontinuing sub-fund is 23 November 2018.


Discontinuing sub-fund 

ISIN: DK0060576163
Name: BankInvest EM Virk.obl 2018 KL
Last day of trading: 23 November 2018
Short name: BAIEMVKL
Orderbook ID: 103934



Continuing sub-fund 

ISIN: DK0016112832
Name: BankInvest EM Obligationer A
Short name: BAIEMOBA
Unchanged orderbook ID: 36311



For further information please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. (+45) 33 93 33 66