Sovrin Foundation Welcomes TRUU as Founding Steward

Healthcare identity solutions developer becomes first Sovrin Steward in UK

Salt Lake City and London, Nov. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sovrin Foundation, an international nonprofit that administers the Sovrin Network, is pleased to announce that Truu, a healthcare-centric digital identity company, is its newest Founding Steward. Dr. Manreet Nijjar, co-founder of Truu, was the first to publicize Truu’s Sovrin stewardship at the Healthcare Unblocked 2018 conference on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018.

As a Founding Sovrin Steward, Truu joins more than 50 organizations worldwide that support every person, organization, and thing to own and control their own permanent digital identity. Truu is the first Steward from the United Kingdom and will operate and maintain a validator node on the Sovrin Network, ensuring the security and integrity of the network.

The Sovrin Foundation’s mission is to run the Sovrin Network as a global public service utility for identity. Businesses, organizations, and NGOs can develop and build identity solutions that run on the network to benefit society.

Truu uses the Sovrin Network’s distributed ledger technology to provide medical doctors and healthcare professionals with trusted digital identities. This helps to reduce the time doctors spend on administrative duties, allows them to spend more time caring for their patients, and increases trust throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

“Truu is an important addition to Sovrin’s Founding Steward community because it is championing the idea of self-sovereign identity as a way to radically improve healthcare systems,” says Heather Dahl, Executive Director & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation. “The Sovrin Network was designed to change how the world uses and thinks about digital identity, and Truu is showing how self-sovereign identity can improve services and reduce administrative friction, all of which has a direct impact on the quality of patient care.”

As the leading organization in the United Kingdom providing digital identity for doctors, Truu is working to promote Sovrin in the United Kingdom’s healthcare services and organizations.

“Truu is very excited about becoming the UK’s first Sovrin Steward and formalizing our involvement with the network. Truu will continue to work closely with Sovrin, to provide digital identity for doctors, and becoming a Steward is a natural extension of this working arrangement,” says Simon Wickes, Chief Operating Officer at Truu. “Becoming a Steward shows our commitment to Sovrin, and it also shows the Sovrin Foundation’s trust in Truu and our work. We are delighted to be a Founding Steward and to work with other Stewards to help shape the future direction of Sovrin.”

More information can be found in a blog post published by the Sovrin Foundation about how Truu is using the Sovrin Network to provide digital identity solutions for medical doctors and healthcare professionals.


About the Sovrin Foundation
The Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to administer the Trust Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a public service utility enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. The Sovrin Network is operated by independent Stewards and uses the power of distributed ledger technology to give every person, organization, and thing the ability to own and control their own permanent digital identity.

About Truu
Truu is a healthcare-centric digital identity company based in the United Kingdom, and the UK’s first Sovrin Steward. Founded by two NHS doctors and currently being evaluated in government healthcare systems, Truu’s self-sovereign identity platform uses blockchain to provide a secure, verifiable digital identity for medical doctors and healthcare professionals. These digital identities reduce costs and create system-wide efficiencies for healthcare workers and organizations, reducing the large amount of lost clinical days caused by existing paper-based identity systems.


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