Includes World’s First Open Networking NOS for 2.5G/5G Multigig Switches 

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pica8, a leading provider of advanced, open networking software, today announced that it has ported its popular Linux-based PICOS® network operating system (NOS) to Dell EMC’s high-end N3000E-ON series of open networking enterprise Ethernet switches. Already proven in multiple, Fortune 100 enterprise deployments, PICOS now supports Dell EMC’s 24-port N3024-ON and 48-port N3048-ON enterprise switch lines, providing a comprehensive large enterprise feature set capable of matching legacy infrastructure vendor offerings in campus and branch access networking environments of Fortune 1,000-class companies.  And, in an industry first, Pica8 is also making PICOS available on the Dell EMC N3132PX-ON 2.5G/5G Multigig switch to create a comprehensive Dell EMC-branded open networking access-edge replacement solution portfolio for large enterprises.

Not only does the Dell EMC/Pica8 pairing help slash the cost and complexity of existing Layer 2/Layer 3 enterprise networks, but PICOS also brings an integrated, Open Intent-Based Networking (OIBN) capability to every switch port in a network, allowing for granular security, policy, and visibility of all data flows while concurrently supporting all legacy L2/L3 traffic.

“This announcement actually marks a new phase in the market’s acceptance of disaggregated white box enterprise networking in general,” said Jeff Paine, senior vice president of marketing at Pica8.  “We’re now finished with the production-trial phase of this market, have proven to our Fortune 100 customers that PICOS provides a scalable, commercially viable alternative to legacy networking infrastructure – at a fraction of the cost and with additional intent-based capabilities – and that the market has moved on to global deployments, where the focus naturally turns to hardware service, support, spares, and more.  Here, having Dell EMC as a trusted top-tier open networking hardware partner with a world-class logistics and supply chain simply “de-risks” the entire enterprise shift to modern, open white box networking.”

Having previously announced support for the 48-port Dell EMC N3048EP-ON PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch in June, Pica8 is building on its market success with that platform by adding PICOS availability for the Dell EMC N3132PX-ON 2.5G/5G Multigig PoE switch, which is ideal for supporting the latest wireless access standards. Pica8 is completing its Dell EMC enterprise access portfolio by porting PICOS to the Dell EMC 24-port N3024ET-ON, N3024EP-ON, and N3024EF-ON enterprise PoE and non-PoE switches, as well as the non-PoE N3048ET-ON 48-port enterprise Ethernet switch. All of these switches support the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) standard that allows PICOS to easily load onto the platforms for deployment.

PICOS on Dell EMC N3000E-ON series switches offers a modern replacement for vast numbers of aging and expensive legacy access-edge switches in enterprise campus and branch office environments, where many of these legacy platforms were last upgraded during Y2K concerns. Running on Dell EMC’s top line of advanced open enterprise switches, Pica8’s NOS provides not only the required L2/L3 features, such as support for voice VLANs; old and new VoIP phones; OSPF; network access control (NAC); QoS; secured remote access (Radius, TACACS), and more – but, uniquely to the industry, includes Open Intent-Based Networking (OIBN) granular control of policy, security and monitoring/analytics capability -- CrossFlowTM -- that can run on every switch port in an enterprise network at the same time as traditional L2/L3 services.

With list prices starting at $860 (USD) for a 24-port perpetual license for the Dell EMC hardware, Pica8’s PICOS Enterprise Edition NOS for Dell EMC’s N3000E-ON series of open switches is available now for immediate deployment in enterprise campus, branch and remote office networks.     

About Pica8
Pica8 pioneered the modern disaggregated open networking alternative to tightly coupled legacy switches and routers by releasing the industry’s first Debian-based Linux network operating system (NOS), PICOS®, running on a wide variety white box and brite box switches, back in early 2012. Today, over 1,000 customers in 40+ countries depend on Pica8’s unique ability to manage every port in a network with both L2/L3 and open intent-based networking control planes. This tight coupling of control planes enables real-time granular control of enterprise applications; deep and dynamic traffic monitoring; and even attack mitigation to now take place directly on the switches themselves. This proven, mainstream alternative to proprietary legacy infrastructure can be ordered directly from Pica8, from Dell EMC field sales, and through a variety of strategic global partners. For more information, visit, email us at, or follow us on LinkedIn or on Twitter @pica8.

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