“12 Online Solutions” Empowers Retailers with Advanced E-commerce Tools to Help Them Effectively Battle for Relevance Against Amazon

Las Vegas, NV, Hong Kong & Salt Lake City, UT, Nov. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, 12 ReTech Corporation (OTCQB: RETC) unveiled its revamped Lexi-Luu Dancewear e-commerce site. Shoppers and consumers can view and shop at www.lexiluudancewear.com.

The new website built upon the Shopify e-commerce platform was created because its predecessor was not able to utilize any of the components of 12 ReTech’s “12 Online Solutions” which the Company uses to improve the performance of its own as well as client’s e-commerce properties. Built on a Shopify base, the new site features “best of category” practices that many successful online stores utilize, including rich content, fast checkout and multiple checkout solutions as well as Google analytics.

And this is just the beginning. 12 ReTech will begin to add its “12 Online Solutions” features such as “shoppable video”, gamification modules and machine learning algorithms that match content with viewer demographics. The “12 Online Solutions” also provide advanced analytics that allows our team to combine and analyze data from the myriad data sources that are used in e-commerce marketing including: its website, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail campaigns, Google, SMS, Snapchat and others. It also includes tools and techniques which are designed to attract, engage and convert shoppers into buyers.

The new Lexi-Luu online store is being transformed into a comprehensive platform that controls all aspects of business operations from manufacturing and marketing to shipping and receiving. It will directly interact with our 12Mobile APP and will even allow wholesale customers to purchase at different pricing levels than consumers.

Ashley Tomaszewski, VP of Digital Marketing at Emotion Fashion Brands commented, “when properly implemented, 12 ReTech’s “12 Online Solutions” delivers the ability to affect shopper behavior by collecting real time data and utilizing predictive analytics to deliver relevant content to each individual shopper via web and mobile channels. The purpose of these advanced tools is to get shoppers to stay longer on an e-commerce site and raise conversion levels.

Angelo Ponzetta, Chief Executive Officer of 12 ReTech commented, “Our technology is designed to attract shoppers to our retailers and convert them into buyers. We are constantly adding new innovations to our offerings which are designed around these concepts. We understand that it’s not just about technology, it’s also about content that is innovative and engaging while fully utilizing the power of today's technology.”

Mr. Ponzetta continued, "Look for 12 ReTech to create technology that make it easier for shoppers to purchase goods from our retailers. Amazon created "One-Click" to reduce online shopping cart abandonment. We will soon be discussing our own e-commerce innovations that make it easier for new shoppers to become buyers!"

Hub Blanchette, CEO of Emotion Fashion Brands said, “The 12 ReTech Team continues to be amazing to work with! They have resources that we could never have reached on our own. We have made fantastic progress in all aspects of our business in a short amount of time.”

Mr. Blanchette continued, “To celebrate the launch of our new Online Store, Lexi-Luu is offering a 38% discount site-wide to everyone for two whole days! Our wholesale customers and distributors are encouraged to contact us for special deals for them to stock up for the Holidays!”

About Lexi-Luu Dancewear:

A special apparel brand owned by Emotion Fashion Group, Inc. that designs, manufactures and sells children’s dancewear apparel. Launched in 2010, this brand was recently acquired by 12 ReTech Corporation (OTCQB RETC) as part of 12 ReTech’s consumer brand platform strategy.

Our story is, “Lexi-Luu Designs make you feel like a star. And when you wear Lexi-Luu, a star is what you are! Playful patterns, fun colors and oodles of lace. With ruffles and flowers all over the place! For dancing, gymnastics or out to dine. The star that you are will really shine!”

Interested consumers may choose to visit us at www.lexiluudancewear.com or visit our factory store at 2900 S. West Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84115. Open to both the general public and retailers. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

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About 12 ReTech Corporation:

At our core, we are a software company whose technology allows retailers to combat the dual threats of Walmart and Amazon — both online and in physical stores. Our microbrand rollup acquisition strategy allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our software, devise and test new products, while providing shareholder value through immediate revenue and earnings growth. The Company operates through our subsidiaries on three continents: 12 Hong Kong, Ltd., 12 Japan, Ltd., 12 Europe A.G., 12 Retail Corporation (and its subsidiary in North America, Emotion Fashion Group, Inc.).

For more information please visit our website at www.12ReTech.com.

12 ReTech Corporation is publicly listed on the OTC QB Market under the symbol RETC.

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