How Sentara Healthcare is Removing Boundaries through PACS Modernization with Client Outlook and Mach7

WATERLOO, Ontario, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Client Outlook Inc. and Mach7 Technologies (Mach7) announced today they have been selected to spearhead Sentara Healthcare’s PACS Modernization project. This initiative brings to life Sentara’s vision for an all-inclusive enterprise imaging ecosystem that streamlines resources, reduces costs and empowers better patient care.

Fundamental to the PACS Modernization concept is an agnostic foundation that enables multi-vendor solutions to work together without special adaptations or custom integrations. Neutral platforms integrate seamlessly and allow healthcare organizations to adopt best-fit solutions based on needs, rather than shoehorning requirements to fit existing systems.  This is the value of an agnostic approach, and it finally truly breaks down silos to galvanize a boundary-less enterprise imaging ecosystem.

Specifically, PACS Modernization embodies the following:

  • A technology agnostic approach that encourages best-fit components
  • A future-ready framework to adopt new technology innovations as they emerge eg. cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Replacement of legacy single-vendor department-focused PACS

Sentara selected eUnity™ and Mach7 based on their vendor agnostic platforms, which are essential to PACS Modernization. The agreement builds on relationships that started in 2014 when Sentara implemented Mach7’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Client Outlook’s eUnity Smartviewer platform to support enterprise imaging in its facilities across Virginia and northeast North Carolina.  The tight integration between the two platforms demonstrated the massive benefits of an agnostic foundation and became the catalyst for Sentara’s PACS Modernization initiative. 

“PACS Modernization is finally challenging the status quo of vendor solutions that we have previously accepted to solve our enterprise imaging needs,” said Trent Conwell, Information Technology Director, Sentara Healthcare. “Vendor agnostic platforms can be tightly integrated to provide a holistic solution, which enables us to achieve enterprise imaging the way it was intended – for all ‘ologies,’ all care providers, and all patients. This strategy improves efficiency and streamlines resources to help us realize a significant reduction in total cost of operation.” Conwell added, “We have chosen the best partners in Client Outlook and Mach7 because their platforms were specifically designed to integrate and scale in order to provide an efficient end-user experience.” 

To amplify the PACS Modernization initiative Sentara is implementing a strong visualization strategy. In addition to enterprise viewing, eUnity will now expand to support diagnostic radiology reading with powerful hanging protocols, multi-modality breast imaging, and advanced visualization including MIP/MPR/3D and PET/CT fusion. Mach7 will provide Universal Worklist and Quality Control (QC) modules that are part of its Diagnostic Studio. Physicians and radiologists will benefit from using the same web-based platform and user interface, resulting in improved efficiency, collaboration and team-based patient care.

“Sentara is one of the nation’s leading integrated health systems and we are privileged to have the opportunity to continue working with them,” said Brenda Rankin, Co-Founder and COO, Client Outlook. “Sentara’s vision for PACS Modernization is progressive and validates our mission to deliver an adaptable zero-footprint viewing platform that is integral to an unrestricted enterprise imaging ecosystem.” Rankin added, “We look forward to working with Sentara and Mach7 to help create a new landscape for today’s healthcare enterprise.”

 “Sentara Healthcare shares our commitment to innovation and solutions that empower physicians and radiologists to access the clinical data they need when and where they need it to support optimal patient care,” said Mike Jackman, CEO, Mach7.  “We are thrilled to continue to grow our relationship with a health system that shares our vision of what next-generation healthcare technology can and should be.”

About Client Outlook

Client Outlook Inc. is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering the image viewing evolution from hospital department to healthcare enterprise through an innovative software platform called eUnity. Uniquely designed as a zero-footprint viewing solution but purpose-built as in integration platform, eUnity gives all patient care stakeholders equal access to images for clinical viewing and diagnostic radiology reading. This powerful foundation cultivates a boundary-less enterprise that manages change and is prepared for future growth. Visit for more information.

About Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T) develops innovative data management solutions that create a clear and complete view of the patient to inform diagnosis, reduce care delivery delays and costs, and improve patient outcomes. Mach7’s award-winning enterprise imaging platform provides a vendor neutral foundation for unstructured data consolidation and communication to power interoperability and enables healthcare enterprises to build their best-of-breed clinical ecosystems. Mach7’s sophisticated workflow tools, advanced clinical viewing and optimized vendor neutral archiving solutions unlock silos of legacy systems empowering healthcare providers to own, access and share patient data without boundaries. For more information, visit

About Sentara Healthcare:

Sentara Healthcare is a Virginia-based not-for-profit health system which includes 12 hospitals, more than 1000 physicians and 3800 medical providers.  For more than a decade, Modern Healthcare magazine has ranked Sentara as one of America’s top integrated healthcare systems, which includes advanced imaging centers, nursing and assisted-living centers, outpatient campuses, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, home health and a hospice agency.

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