AngioSoma Creates New Partnership Opportunity

Peripheral Artery Disease Device Manufacturer Targeted for Joint Venture

HOUSTON, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- AngioSoma (OTC: SOAN), a leading biotechnology research and development company, announces today the execution of a letter of intent to pursue a relationship with Biomedix®.

Biomedix® manufactures a noninvasive device, PADnet, that diagnoses Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) in patients.  Biomedix has over 1,000 PADnet devices under service throughout the United States and can potentially assist in our clinical trials and research, once we determine the scope and breadth of the services needed. We could potentially engage with Biomedix to:

1.       Leverage PADnet technology, but using doctors and patients managed by another clinical research partner

2.       Leverage PADnet technology through doctors willing to participate, that meets our specifications, such as geography and medical specialty, to assist in the trials

3.       Leverage PADnet technology through identified patients willing to participate, that meets our specifications, such as disease severity and associated risk factors, to assist with the trials

AngioSoma intends to use the PADnet device to select patients for clinical trials and determine the presence and severity of PAD in patients before and after using Liprostin™, its flagship patented pharmaceutical intervention for PAD.  Liprostin™ is currently in the approval process of the FDA for marketing.  Combining these tightly aligned products will assist doctors in providing the best care possible and give patients peace of mind that interventions are working. 

“It’s a natural fit for us,” said Alex Blankenship, President of AngioSoma. “The ability to verify the effectiveness of treatment by testing before and after interventions will enhance our efficacy data, leading to greater visibility for our products going forward.”

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