BERKELEY, CA, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doug’s Varin™, a rare and highly sought-after cannabis formulation which contains one of the highest concentrations of THCV (or Tetrahydrocannabivarin) will be sold to consumers at select retailers in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area beginning in late-November.

California Cannabinoids, Inc., the exclusive provider of Doug’s Varin™, made the announcement during MJBizCon 2018 in Las Vegas, where company executives will discuss its initial product offerings at Booth #1151.

Doug’s Varin™ ORIGINAL and Doug’s Varin™ RELIEF will be available in limited supply at select California dispensaries.  The first-ever THCV-rich vape pens with 25%-30% THCV cannabis oil, found naturally in the resin-glands of rare cannabis flowers, are reputed to offer possible long-awaited personal health benefits to consumers.

“We are excited to introduce Doug’s Varin™ in the California market, treating consumers to one of the rarest and most promising new cannabinoids to hit the market in years,” said David Lampach, CEO of California Cannabinoids™.  “What’s so special about Doug’s Varin™ is that it contains some of the highest levels of THCV, offering consumers a whole new slate of possible cannabis health benefits.” 

Doug’s Varin™ has THCV levels in the 25%-30% range, which is enough to activate the compound’s surprising effects. Desire for THCV has flourished since Doug’s Varin™ was discovered in 2012 by a botanist and serial believer in holistic and alternative therapies whose wife was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and who set out to find a strain of cannabis that would help her cope with the illness. He relentlessly continued the search after his wife’s death and after many iterations, discovered Doug's Varin™.

All of the Doug’s Varin™ products are grown under full sun in Northern California and are tested for safety and potency under California Bureau of Cannabis Control regulatory standards. In addition to creating its own exclusive retail products, the company licenses Doug’s Varin™ to stable, long term manufacturers who are looking to include THCV in their product offerings.

California Cannabinoids company executives also announced that they will manufacture additional Doug’s Varin™ product lines to be introduced in the first quarter of 2019.  In addition, they are reviewing and soliciting licensing proposals from around the globe from interested parties aware of the importance of Doug Varin™ in the cannabis marketplace.

“THCV is generally absent in the vast majority of cannabis products but is sought after for its unique properties which can only be experienced in the kind of concentrations that Doug’s Varin™ offers,” said Lampach. “This is where we know we can fill a void in the marketplace that will grow exponentially as more consumers get access to this unique cannabinoid.”

For more information on initial retail locations and licensing opportunities, please visit  Follow on Facebook and Twitter @DougsVarin.

About Doug’s Varin™ and California Cannabinoids, Inc.

Formed in 2017, California Cannabinoids, Inc. is a California Corporation based in Berkeley, CA, with the mission to provide the cannabis industry and consumers access to tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a rare but popular cannabinoid known for its unique properties.  California Cannabinoids, Inc., is the exclusive provider of Doug’s Varin™, known around the world to have one of the highest concentrations of THCV. Prior to founding California Cannabinoids, serial entrepreneur CEO David Lampach was Co-Founder and CEO of Steep Hill Labs and has been a consultant to several states concerning creation and implementation of various aspects of medical and recreational cannabis regulation. Lampach formerly served as Chairman of the Berkeley, CA Medical Cannabis Commission. 


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Kevin Herglotz
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