Super Dispatch Launches Its New Transportation Management System

Kansas City, Missouri, UNITED STATES

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super Dispatch, the mobile business application made for car haulers, announced its expansion into a comprehensive Transportation Management System designed specifically to meet the needs of Fleets and Owner Operators. This makes Super Dispatch a strong alternative to established billion-dollar companies.

“Our technology is known for eliminating paperwork and digitizing the entire shipping process for used cars. We’ve been helping carriers be efficient and get paid fast. Now it has evolved into a centralized system where fleets manage their entire business; clients, loads, drivers, documents, compliance, billing and payments, all in one platform,” CEO and founder Bek Abdullayev said when talking about the expansion.

The TMS will interact with the driver mobile app, increasing communication between the dispatcher and driver. Other features of the TMS include Quickbooks integration, GPS tracking, splitting orders, and combining invoices.

Super Dispatch’s success and wide adoption amongst thousands of car haulers made using investor funding to build a comprehensive TMS a natural next step in their journey.

“Super Dispatch TMS is the first of its kind to enable cloud based mobile technology to connect the entire car hauling industry. And all of this is built by car haulers for car haulers,” adds Abdullayev.  “Large car hauling fleets historically have been the only companies with access to custom expensive software to run their businesses. Now the modern version of that technology is available to car haulers of any size.”

About Super Dispatch:
Super Dispatch has revolutionized the car hauling industry since 2013. Today, Super Dispatch ( is the #1 used and preferred free Bill of Lading app and paid TMS in the car hauling industry. Super Dispatch’s unified platform - a single TMS that can be accessed on a mobile app or through a browser - is used by single truck owner operators up to huge car hauling fleets with 300 or more trucks to run their businesses more efficiently. Countless companies have tried to replicate the nuanced technology in the last 5 years, but few have come close to offering the same value. Super Dispatch is also one of the most successful startups to emerge out of the Kansas City startup community, along with tech breakout companies like Zoloz, FreightQuote, Bloom, and BacklotCars.

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