New York City, Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Come Back Daily, the world’s first cannabidiol (CBD) educational and experiential retail hub, is now open in New York City at 381 Broadway (between Walker & White streets) New York, NY 10013. The center bridges the gap between consumers and the impossible number of CBD products in the marketplace in an immersive and community-focused environment. Outfitted with a discovery bar to sample different products, a comfortable lounge area to unwind over food and drinks or yoga, massage and guided meditation classes. Come Back Daily will also host community-driven programs that integrate CBD into everyday lives through educational sessions lead by prominent cannabis influencers.   

Unlike the cold and sterile environment of modern cannabis dispensaries, Come Back Daily displays cannabidiol products without barriers and allows people to try and test products. Come Back Daily encourages people to understand their bodies and how CBD, a popular non-psychoactive cannabis compound, works within their endocannabinoid system, the personally unique system that keeps homeostasis for all other bodily systems. By building a community space, Come Back Daily seeks to change perceptions about this healthy plant and its derivatives.

“The modern cannabis dispensary and vape shop have taken notes from retailers such as Apple - white, clean and sterile environments - except you can’t touch or try products,” says Come Back Daily Founder Steven Phan. “The only way to break a century of stigma and propaganda is to have people experience CBD in different ways - yoga or meditation or simply sampling a new product. Come Back Daily drives this community experience of CBD.”

Steven is a first generation Asian American who has worked in the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. He found that individuals need a peer-to-peer community to overcome the stigma that surrounds the cannabis plant, even if it’s less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. This was a driving force behind founding Quad Duece Nil in 2014, an urban cannabis lifestyle brand to help spread knowledge, educate, and change misperceptions, forging an educated community and open culture through highly curated, exclusive events.

“America’s first drug prohibition was anti-opium laws levied against Chinese immigrants in the 1870s. America was afraid Chinese immigrants would take jobs with cheap labor among other things. I had to break through this stigma with my family who carried a generational fear of cannabis. It took a community and many different ways of experiencing cannabidiol to break through - this is what we want to do at Come Back Daily,” comments Come Back Daily Founder Steven Phan.

Come Back Daily will feature top CBD brands, such as Ojai Energetics, Lord Jones and Punch Edibles in different products forms, such as drinks, creams, oils, tinctures and even hemp flower, all handpicked by the Come Back Daily team for efficacy and ability to present to new consumers. You can follow Come Back Daily on Instagram at @comebackdaily. For more information please visit

About Come Back Daily
Come Back Daily is a community-driven educational and experiential cannabidiol (CBD) hub dedicated to breaking a century of stigma. Come Back Daily is a first of its kind that allows people to try products in-store, learn through educational sessions lead by cannabis influencers and experience CBD in yoga, meditation, and massage.

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