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Nanosensors, Inc. (OTCBB: NNSR) SmartCities, IOT & Wireless 5G/6G Announces Acquisitions & Plans for Expansion

NanoSensors, Inc. (dba Green Zebra) (OTCBB: NNSR) Announce Plans to Expand SmartCity & 5G/6G Technology in Emerging Telecommunications Market.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Nov. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shareholder Update – Publicly held NanoSensors, Inc. (dba Green Zebra) (the “Company”) (OTC Pink: NNSR) is pleased to announce expansion plans and a re-invention of the Company as a merger and acquisition holdings company. The focus will be on delivering Smart Cities and SmartVenues wireless, IoT and blockchain technologies in the emerging 5G/6G telecommunications industry.

CEO/President Coleman Smith states: “New acquisitions require proper corporate structure in place to maintain incoming client contracts and existing relationships. For this reason, we made a decision to prioritize the OTC Pink current status as quickly as possible for all shareholders, prior to finalizing acquisitions. Over the last few months, we have reviewed and connected nearly three (3) years of financial, legal, operations, and share structure documents to get Nanosensors Pink current on OTC markets by early November 2018.”

With OTC current, it will allow the Company to provide its shareholders and the public with timely financial information disclosers and news. This is an exciting step toward preparing the Company to become a fully reporting Company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, followed by application to have its securities quoted on the OTCQB. The Company expects to commence work on the registration process this month.

“There are major acquisition and reporting tasks to consider when converting private companies into public companies”, stated Smith, “Bank lines, clients, and partner contracts transfer over. These create additional due diligence steps that most teams overlook when acquisitions are completed. We are being thorough to ensure nothing is overlooked.”

During the revitalization process, the Company licensed the ‘Green Zebra’ name to jumpstart the name-change status, marketing efforts, social sites, website designs, and more. This strategy will save everyone valuable time preparing and/or finalizing new documents for mergers and acquisitions.


NanoSensors (dba Green Zebra):  A Smart Technology Holdings Company.
NanoSensors / Green Zebra is a merger and acquisition holdings company focused on managing and acquiring different types of SmartVenue technology companies that have talent, revenues, products, and services targeting SmartCities, SmartStadiums, And SmartAirports applications. (Final name & symbol change pending FINRA approval.)

The Green Zebra Acquisition Business model is designed to acquire companies & technologies that work together in an emerging wireless industry to build a portfolio of products while increasing shareholders value.

“This Green Zebra family of businesses will work together to make smart cities smarter”, stated CEO/President Coleman Smith.

Subsidiary/Division Business Overview.
Each subsidiary below will be acquired to generate revenue independently. Each division will also support each other in various stages of SmartCity development, before and after deployment.

We believe in bridging the gap between marketing, IT, and wireless for business executives. Names for each division will be released as we begin adding new acquisitions and mergers.


  1. SmartMedia/ GZ Marketing Agency  Subsidiary division
    A global marketing agency of advisors and support teams offering wireless monetization services with an ecosystem of wireless IOT technologies and scale operations through strategic partners.
    1. GZ provides global sponsorship solutions – IoT Brand sponsor revenue for SmartCity & SmartVenue wifi projects expected to exceed 100 million by 2021 to accelerate GZ growth.
    2. GZ provides global technology sales and support through direct, agency affiliates and partners sales.
    3. GZ managed services: WiFi marketing, Digital marketing, and digital signage will drive additional GZ revenue.

Target Markets - SmartAirports, SmartStadiums, SmartCities, SmartCampus, SmartVenues

  1. SmartWireless/Cloud Services - a subsidiary that provides wireless networking solutions
    1. Provides Wireless IT solutions for wifi/cellular media networks.
    2. Provides Wireless IT Cloud Managed Services.
    3. Provides Smart Cities, SmartVenue wireless advisory services.
    4. Provides third party telecom data Internet services to businesses.
  2. SmartCloud Security Technologies  - a subsidiary providing IOT software development services
    1. Provides Internet of Things software development.
    2. Provide wireless 5G/6G wireless chip and device technology solutions.
    3. Additional revenue will derive from third party business development and licensing.
  3. SmartRealEstate – A subsidiary for commercial property
    1. Integrate smart IIOT technology to improve RE efficiencies as business case
    2. Provide additional asset & cash flow value for shareholders

Status and Next Steps
Finalize Business Acquisitions after Nanosensors FYE 11/30/2018

  • Finalize acquisition and complete audit – Redstone Chip technology.
  • Finalize acquisition and complete audit - Green Zebra Media

Note:  Coleman Smith 500 million restricted shares expected to be removed from common shares after corporate symbol and OTC name change and FYE audits.

Safe Harbor Statement

Safe Harbor Statement - In addition to historical information, this press release may contain statements that constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements contained in this press release include the intent, belief, or expectations of the Company and members of its management team with respect to the Company's future business operations and the assumptions upon which such statements are based. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause these differences include, but are not limited to, failure to complete anticipated sales under negotiations, lack of revenue growth, client discontinuances, failure to realize improvements in performance, efficiency and profitability, and adverse developments with respect to litigation or increased litigation costs, the operation or performance of the Company's business units or the market price of its common stock. Additional factors that would cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated within this press release can also be found on the Company's website. The Company denies any responsibility to update any forward-looking statements.

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