Leading publisher technology platform’s creative management tool significantly simplifies workflows across various publisher teams and increases productivity.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nativo, the leading unified publisher technology platform for in-feed and branded content advertising, has launched their Content Library, the centerpiece of their Content Collaboration suite that helps publishers maximize efficiencies across branded content creation, management and collaboration. It’s the first of its kind publisher solution that on average, speeds up workflows by more than four hours, and significantly reduces costs and errors normally associated with building content creative.

Today, more than 500 top publishers use Nativo’s platform to manage their branded programs globally, including Cox Media Group, Associated Press, IDG, and Trusted Media Brands.

For publishers, content creation and management typically requires laborious and time-consuming processes, where inefficiencies can lead to costly campaign launches and potentially negatively impact client relationships. Nativo’s Content Library provides a dedicated environment that allows publisher content teams to focus on content creation and performance, rather than relying on disparate systems to execute their strategies. It centralizes the management of creative elements of the ad, simplifying the experience for content teams, allowing more efficient reuse, and providing a showcase and dedicated area for evaluating creative metrics. Creatives can be built manually, quick-started with templates, or “ingested” from a public webpage.

“The Content Library feature is invaluable when using the same content across multiple budget lines or campaigns,” said Sara Campola, Customer Success Manager, Ad Platform Initiatives, Advance Local. “Instead of having to update each budget line, we can make edits to a single piece of content in the Library and push the changes live to all active campaigns with the click of a button. This is a total time saver when we need to make changes quickly.”

Nativo’s Content Library further simplifies workflows by addressing the human element of collaboration and approval. The back-and-forth process of editing and approving creatives before the Content Library required a frustrating choreography of phone calls to emails to finally making changes within the platform. Content Library’s in-app messaging, notification, and approval features give both internal and external stakeholders the ability to collaborate on changes, track update statuses, and approve creatives in one place.

Finally, the Content Library helps consolidate performance metrics from multiple ad line items and even multiple campaigns. This makes reporting on campaign performance cleaner, and the metrics are displayed within the content library itself to help inform content selection and creation.

Key publisher benefits Include:

  • The ability to separate responsibilities between operations and creative teams through distinct experiences in the platform to maximize efficiency.
  • Streamlined content creation workflows by bringing together editing, review, and approval processes into the platform.
  • Reduced email clutter and time to approval with in-app messaging and built-in history tracking for accountability.
  • Centralized management of creative assets for easy reuse across ads, budgets, and campaigns and unified reporting by creative.
  • Tighter collaboration between publishers and agencies via a shared library of assets that both can leverage to showcase ongoing programs with advertisers.

“Nativo constantly thinks deeply about how to help publishers make their branded content initiatives easier to execute and deliver high-impact engagement,” said Eugene Cherny, VP of Product at Nativo. “Content Library has become an incredibly valuable tool for publishers seeking to grow their branded content programs, by enabling organizations to better collaborate and coordinate work between content and ops teams.”

This story first appeared in Martech Advisors. To learn more, contact Nativo at publishers@nativo.com.

About Nativo
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WIT Strategy for Nativo

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