Lesquin, November 19, 2018. Bigben is proud to announce Spike Volleyball, a new sport simulation of one of the most popular disciplines. Fans will finally be able to experience all the sensations of their favourite sport on both consoles and PC.

Spike Volleyball is the first indoor volleyball simulation: 50 national teams, male and female, are brought together in a game which faithfully recreates all the elements of this discipline. Speed, reflexes, and cooperation: all the ingredients are blended together to create a spectacular sporting experience!

Manage your own team and recruit players to help your team advance in Career mode. Take part in numerous international tournaments in 13 different arenas, adapt your strategy to surprise your opponents in online and local multiplayer, and become the world champion!

Smash, block, floater. Learn all the volleyball techniques and experience all the sensations of one of the most complex collective sports, all faithfully reproduced using Unreal Engine 4 and motion capture.

Spike Volleyball will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4(TM), and PC starting February 5th, 2019.

Bigben - Gary Gambier, ggambier@bigben.fr

À propos de Bigben
Bigben est un acteur majeur de l'édition de jeux vidéo, de la conception et de la distribution d'accessoires mobiles et gaming, ainsi que de produits audio. Reconnu pour ses capacités d'innovation et sa créativité, le groupe ambitionne de devenir un leader dans chacun de ses métiers. www.bigben.fr

About Black Sheep
Created in 2003 and based in Paris, Black Sheep Studio is a passionate and experienced team in video games creation. The key pillars of the studio are imagination, game experience, quality and a deep mastering of production constraints. In 2019, the studio focus on sport simulation with Spike Volleyball in collaboration with Bigben Interactive.