Redfund Capital Client Biolog Inc. and Cannabis Strategic Ventures Inc. Announce Joint Development of Water-Soluble Cannabis Technology

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Redfund Capital Corp (CSE: LOAN) (Frankfurt: O3X4) (OTC: PNNRF) is pleased to announce that portfolio client Biolog Inc. has formed a partnership with Cannabis Strategic Ventures, Inc. (OTC:NUGS), to develop water-soluble cannabis technologies to be used as ingredients for cannabis and phytocannabinoid rich-infused foods, beverages and consumer products.  Under the agreement, Biolog will develop the new technologies with Cannabis Strategic Ventures and will jointly deploy marketing efforts to get the products to the marketplace.

Cannabinoids (CBD, etc.) are hydrophobic substances which are not typically soluble in water. To date, cannabis formulators have utilized various techniques to make CBD oils water compatible, but encounter many drawbacks in the existing processes. The joint development effort between Biolog Inc. and Cannabis Strategic Ventures will seek to push past these current limitations to develop a new set of functional cannabinoid ingredients that can be easily added to foods, beverages, cosmetics and other consumer products that significantly improve bioavailability and overall benefits to the human body.

Simon Yu, CEO, Cannabis Strategic Ventures comments, "We believe water-soluble cannabis technologies open new avenues for the development of cannabinoid-based products.”  He added,  “Over the past year we have reviewed several supposed water-soluble cannabinoids technologies but have passed on adoption due to technological limitations. The new product class that is in development with Biolog holds great potential and we are enthusiastically backing this developmental effort.”

“Working alongside Cannabis Strategic Ventures and assisting them to realize their mandate building their products brands using Biolog technology shows collaboration of incubators in the space. Branded products are the niche we believe will lead the industry just as patented medical products lead pharma for many decades. Biolog’s licensing agreements with Lexaria makes them a leader of the medical cannabis pack. This client in our portfolio looks to be our next go-public prodigy,” stated Meris Kott, CEO, Redfund Capital Corp.  

About Redfund Capital

Redfund intends to provide debt and equity funding in the mid-to-late stages of a target company’s development, or in technologies that are developed and validated by revenues. The present focus of the merchant bank is on medical cannabis, hemp and CBD-related, healthcare-related target companies.

About Cannabis Strategic Ventures

Cannabis Strategic Ventures is a Los Angeles based firm that incubates, develops and partners with category leaders within the cannabis sector. The Firm’s NUGS brand experience provides mentorship and a range of essential services to emerging and existing Cannabis consumer brands.

About Biolog, Inc.

Privately held Biolog, Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay area, has been organized to capitalize on the fast growing market for cannabidiol (CBD) edibles and beverages. Biolog products solve many of the industry’s most pressing issues concerning cannabis edibles and beverages by offering precise dosing, micro-dosing, fast onset times, high bioavailability, taste masking and ease of use. 

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