DENVER, Colorado, Nov. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, an industry pioneer in online crisis management services and subsidiary of Marca Global, today announced the launch of a new service model to empower individuals who find themselves in the crosshairs of online smear campaigns or persistent negative reporting.

An individual facing an online crisis that threatens their personal worth, reputation and wellbeing has typically had one recourse—engage an online reputation management (ORM) provider for long-term contracts in the thousands of dollars. And even then, the outcome can be uncertain.

To answer the market need for more relevant, responsive solutions, launched the online reputation management industry’s first month-to-month, flat-fee model, which allows clients to engage InternetReputation’s digital strategy and media experts and launch tailored reputation management campaigns on a “use what you need” basis, and at a predictable cost. 

“When online smear campaigns target everyday individuals, they have very few resources to fight back,” said Colleen Brown, founder and owner of Marca Global, which owns and operates Brown acquired in 2015 and personally spearheaded a turnaround of the company’s own leadership and reputation issues. “We evaluated the industry landscape of offerings and designed technology to empower people to take control of their online narratives without the protracted, high-dollar engagements that typify most ORM providers.”


About is a pioneering ORM (online reputation management) firm specializing in online crisis management situations. Our unparalleled in-house SEM (search engine management), SEO (search engine optimization), analytics, media and digital expertise means individuals and companies can take back control of their online reputations, swiftly remove negative listings and prevent future online attacks. Find out more about how our industry-leading talent, technology and methodology combine to protect online privacy and fortify both personal and organizational brands in the face of 21st Century reputational threats.

Nate Warren
Marca Global LLC