Yixue Squirrel AI Learning’s Derek Haoyang Li Attends The AI Summit Singapore on Invitation and Explains How AI Teachers Will Surpass Human Teachers

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Sept. 19, Yixue Squirrel AI Learning’s Founder Derek Haoyang Li attended the world’s Top AI event, The AI Summit Singapore, on invitation and shared the stage with executives from enterprises such as SingularityNET, Singapore Airlines, Google, Facebook and Standard Chartered Bank. At the summit, Derek Li delivered a keynote speech titled “Squirrel AI Will Surpass Human Teachers and Redefine Education”. He explained how Squirrel AI uses the knowledge space theory, Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and other technologies to accurately judge students' mastery of knowledge points, provide targeted learning content and recommend personalized learning paths, to let every child receive one-on-one personalized teaching. The participants praised the achievements made by Squirrel AI in the field of intelligent adaptative education. Several organizations proposed to have cooperation.

So far, AI has been applied gradually in various sectors and business fields, presenting unprecedented efficiency and improving productivity. The AI Summit is the world's first event series focusing on discussing and displaying the practical application of AI in business. It focuses on real solutions to improving business productivity with AI. This summit invited more than 40 important guests to give speeches, including SingularityNET CEO Ben Gpertzel, Singapore Airlines Vice President of Technology George Wangy, Standard Chartered Bank Managing Director Jamshed Cooper. The guests covered many fields, such as retail, finance, IT, energy, healthcare, transportation and tourism.

“Just like Alpha Go judges the situation of a chess game by memorizing the chess manual plus machine learning, we precisely identify every student's existing knowledge points through knowledge graph and the information theory.” According to Derek Li, in the past, there was no clear user portrait for each student. We could only tell whether a student was a 50-point student or a 95-point student, but couldn’t tell the student’s actual knowledge mastery on the knowledge graph. Now, algorithms and techniques can solve this problem.

After diagnosing every user’s mastery of knowledge points, Squirrel AI makes personalized recommendations to different students and teaches them in accordance with their aptitudes. Derek Li said: “In the current teaching process, students listen to the teacher at a fixed pace, whether you are a 50-point student or a 95-point student. However, through machine learning and genetic algorithms, Squirrel AI can constantly and more and more accurately push exercises and content that match each student's weak points and distribute different contents to different users like Toutiao does, to achieve the most efficient learning effects.”

The subversion of traditional education by Squirrel AI is not limited to this. For example, the system can trace the source to help students fill up the loopholes in their previous knowledge. Moreover, it can strategically give up some content like AlphaGo does, to let students learn the knowledge points with the highest relative absorbance and most beneficial to test scores, with some knowledge points given up, so as to improve students' scores effectively.

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As a leading adaptive education company, Squirrel AI has also made many technological innovations, including the super-nano knowledge point splitting to identify students’ weak points; the learning ability and learning method splitting to help students master abilities that can benefit them for a lifetime; the simulation of students and teachers, to let the AI system iterate by competing with itself like AlphaGo Zero does. In the past year, academic papers published by Squirrel AI Learning have been recognized by the world's top international academic conferences such as EDM, AIED and CSEDU.

Different from other top AI-enabled education institutions in the world, Yixue Squirrel AI Learning not only develops engines and proprietary intellectual property, but also develops its own teaching content and services, and directly recruits students. Derek Li said: “None of the existing videos in the market is suitable for AI-enabled education, because they are all about rough knowledge points. It’s like iron. Iron is a very good metal, but it cannot be used on spacecrafts. An adaptive education system must have matching elaborate and fine teaching contents. Now all the contents in Squirrel AI are designed specifically for this engine. Only in this way can we achieve better outcomes.” Now, thousands of teachers of Squirrel AI are constantly adding contents according to the standards of the intelligent adaptative system, including contents with regional differences and special contents from some special schools, as well as optimizing places where system failures are found in the teaching process, etc. Derek Li said: “We must become an open ecology to absorb more contents.”

At the summit, Derek Li also demonstrated the remarkable effects of intelligent adaptive education in improving learning efficiency and academic performance through a series of data and real cases. For example, after the introduction of Knewton's adaptative math course at Arizona State University, the students’ test pass rate increased by 17%, with 45% students completing the course four weeks in advance. In all the four human vs. machine teaching competitions organized by Yixue Squirrel AI Learning, its AI teaching system defeated human teachers. A student in Shanghai who studied at Yixue Squirrel AI Learning for a year improved his math score from 126 to 146 and physics score from 69 to 86. He jumped from the middle and lower reaches of his class to the top and got admitted to a famous university in Shanghai. Additionally, the human vs. machine teaching competitions organized by Yixue Squirrel AI Learning were reported by more than 100 domestic and foreign media, including CNBC, NHK, CCTV 2, ZJSTV, The Beijing News, etc.

According to Derek Li, since its establishment, Squirrel AI Learning has aspired to replace human teachers with its AI education system in an All-In manner, hoping to use AI to subvert education, a profession that hasn't changed in the past thousand years. But he also stressed that AI is not to put teachers out of work, but to free them from the job of teaching, so that they have more time to educate children.

In addition to cultivating children's mastery of knowledge points, improving their test scores and developing their lifelong learning abilities and learning methods, according to Derek Li, Squirrel AI Learning is studying how to use AI teachers to develop and enhance young children’s creativity and imagination. He said: “Our ultimate dream is to let every child have an AI teacher like a combination of Socrates + Da Vinci + Einstein, to teach them. In the future, no school district office will be needed in the world. Education by outstanding teachers won’t be a privilege for a small number of people. We can use an AI system to give a highly intelligent teacher to any child, to bring out their potentials and achieve true educational equality.”

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In an interview after the summit, Derek Li said: “AI is versatile and know-it-all, can tell big stories from small things, has infinite computing power and is self-evolving. It will profoundly change every profession, not only simple repetitive work, but also complex intellectual work.” When asked about the problems with education today and how to solve them using AI, what education would look like in 10-20 years and the prospects for AI-enabled education in Asia, Derek Li said, in the future, AI teachers will gather all the knowledges, experiences and wisdoms of the world's best teachers, so that every child will have a super teacher. In terms of technology, he believed that China's education market is huge, which is more conducive to data collection and modeling. China's AI-enabled education technology is leading in the world. In the end, Derek Li praised the summit as dynamic, diversified and dashing.

About Squirrel AI Learning

At present, Squirrel AI Learning already has more than 1 million users. Next, it will develop an OpenAI platform, so that all institutions and individuals no longer need to develop their own intelligent adaptative systems. In addition, Squirrel AI Learning will offer 1 million learning accounts to children from poor families for free.

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