Swisscom Expands Use of RANK Software Amidst Growing Global Security Analyst Shortage

RANK provides Swisscom with real-time threat detection, hunting and integration capabilities

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

LONDON, Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RANK Software today announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company, is expanding its relationship with RANK. After working together for several years, Swisscom has signed a new three-year agreement to use RANK Software’s Virtual Advisor to Security Analysts (VASA) AI-based threat detection platform to provide real-time threat hunting capabilities throughout its internal network across its business.

As a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, Swisscom network traffic exceeds 1 billion events per day.  RANK software helps the SOC analysts at Swisscom to assess and investigate cyber security events, allowing them to zero in on the most credible threats. As a result of using VASA by RANK software, Swisscom's security team is able to become more productive and increase the number of alerts resolved per analyst hour.

“With VASA, Swisscom has been able to stay ahead of attacks, leveraging RANK’s flexible and powerful data ingestion capabilities, network analysis and unmatched hunting capabilities,” said Markus Neis, Threat Intelligence Manager at Swisscom.

“Swisscom is not alone in their growing need to extend their threat-hunting capabilities. Companies around the world tell us that they worry about the inefficiencies of sifting through tens of millions of security events each year, wasting time, money, and increasing the chance that a credible threat will slip through the cracks,” said Rick Costanzo, CEO, RANK Software.

VASA helps identify and prevent security threats in real-time by ingesting data from network sources and identifying anomalies for security analysts to review. VASA addresses the challenges of identifying internal and unknown threats commonly missed today by perimeter defense systems through:

  • Active Learning. RANK Software helps reduce the false positives generated by most AI tools by recoding analyst feedback and allowing them to apply an action to similar alerts. This makes the VASA platform smarter over time allowing security analysts to become more efficient.
  • Enterprise Scale. RANK Software ingests data from over 40 sources out of the box including System Network Traffic and End Point log files. It is capable of handling more than 1 billion events a day at 10+ gigabits per second.
  • Contextualization. RANK Software builds on the results of AI, machine learning, and behavioral analytics by making the data more consumable and understanding risk thresholds based on context. This helps assemble and interpret the signals needed to hunt and assess threats faster and with high precision.
  • Flexible Architecture.  On the cloud or on-premise, RANK Software provides unparalleled context and visibility into potential breaches.

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