Hiring teams can now assess candidates on more of the most in-demand developer skills, such as Blockchain, DevOps, Django, .NET, and more

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Codility, a worldwide leader in tech recruiting software, today announced it has expanded its Task Library to include more of the most in-demand and popular skills categories for tech talent. Hiring managers and recruiters can now further customize the tech skills assessments they give to candidates by integrating tasks to evaluate real-life engineering skills around Blockchain, DevOps, Django, .NET, and more.

“As demand for more specialty tech roles continues to increase, organizations need a more customized solution to efficiently qualify diverse skills of candidates,” said Greg Jakacki, founder and CEO of Codility. “With Codility hiring managers and recruiters have one platform they can easily adapt to effectively assess skills of candidates for a wide range of needs. Not only is it convenient for them and the candidate, Codility’s tasks provide a realistic reflection of real-life engineering problems and accurately evaluate on-the-job performance, so teams can focus their hiring efforts on the most fitting candidates.”

In addition to existing categories that are used to evaluate fundamental programming skills – such as algorithms, bug fixing, and coding – Codility’s expanded Task Library now includes:

Blockchain: No longer limited to cryptocurrency, applications for blockchain have emerged in nearly every industry. Codility’s first blockchain task focuses on Solidity, the programming language used for writing smart contracts by various blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum. More blockchain tasks are coming soon!

DevOps: Automating processes between software development and IT teams so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably is essential to stay competitive. That makes those with the skills to carry it out highly sought after. Codility’s DevOps tasks revolve around how well candidates can write Bash scripts, an essential skill for anyone in a DevOps role and one that helps them manage servers, workstations, and communication better.

Django: This high-level Python web framework encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It is increasing in popularity because it does away with a lot of the hassle of some aspects of web development. Codility’s new Django tasks are best used to screen and interview full-stack, back-end, and web developers’ knowledge of the framework. The tasks gauge how candidates use their Django skills to solve problems efficiently enough within a given time.

.NET: Developed for Windows, .NET is flexible and can be adapted to many uses. This task type is designed to assess the .NET skills (C#) of candidates. Combining .NET tasks with other fundamental coding skills tasks gives candidates an opportunity to show the breadth and depth of their skills.

Data Science, Big Data, QA, Design, Python, Java Streams, NumPy, Spring, Hibernate, and Laravel are also among the categories included in Codility’s expansive Library of hundreds of tasks and question sets covering a range of difficulties, technologies, real-life skills and job roles. It will soon add NodeJS, R, Kotlin, and iOS to its suite of real-life skills assessment tasks.

Along with helping companies screen candidates by automatically assessing their skills and technical knowledge, Codility can be used to run live virtual interviews and coding sessions, upskill tech teams, and increase brand awareness among the global developer community.

For on-demand access to free ebooks, webinars, and more expert content and advice on tech hiring, visit the Codility Resource Hub at https://www.codility.com/company/resources. Codility’s latest ebook, The Buyer’s Guide to Tech Recruiting Software, is available for download here: https://www.codility.com/resources/ebooks/ebook-buyers-guide-to-tech-recruiting-software-0-0-0-0.

About Codility:
Codility is the industry’s leading Tech Recruiting Platform. It helps businesses accurately and efficiently assess the technical skills of candidates and identify the most promising hires. The Platform includes hundreds of coding tasks, featuring multiple languages and real-life scenarios with varying levels of difficulty. More than 1,200 organizations including Accenture, Amazon, Barclays, BMW, Citi, ClassPass, Deloitte, EA, Ericsson, Flatiron, Intel, Ocado, PayPal, Rakuten, TomTom, Twitch, Volvo, Zalando, and Zoosk use Codility to evaluate candidates and improve technical hiring decisions. Since its inception in 2009, Codility has completed over six million assessments worldwide, in industries spanning consumer technology to financial services. Programmers of all experience levels can register with Codility for free to experiment with new skills, take lessons, and participate in global coding challenges. For more information, visit codility.com.

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