Google Analytics Most Powerful Extension Launches Must-Have Version 2.0

Copenhagen, DENMARK

Google Analytics' most powerful extension, Webleads, has introduced version 2.0 arming B2B companies must-have tools and insights. Fastbase's Webleads 2.0 tracking tool for Google Analytics allows users to explore which companies and organizations are showing interest in their business, and more specifically details what webpages are being viewed, the companies that are viewing them, and how the lead arrived to the website. Combining benchmarking data and built-in web leads monitoring, the updated platform provides users with powerful new tools to truly understand their digital audiences.

New features in Webleads 2.0 include unlimited access to search Fastbase's expansive business database that tracks over 130 million companies that are searching Google everyday. Users are able to purchase a detailed list of these leads with key contact information such as company name, address, phone number, website, contact information, email addresses, industry category, and more.  All data can be downloaded to Excel or directly into a CRM system. The database is free for Google Analytics users to search while downloading data costs US$ 0.20 per lead.

In addition, the upgraded Webleads identifies which companies are responding to Google Ads campaigns. Users can leverage their Google Analytics reports with the Fastbase Premium Webleads software to get a daily report of Google Ads leads. Fastbase's intelligence software will identify Google Ads visitors worldwide.

Fastbase's standard "Webleads" package is a free Google Analytics add-on that allows users to analyze basic web traffic and provides information such as the visitor's website, company address, and phone number. Fastbase's premium version, priced at $45USD/month, provides significant detail about each visitor including the contact's name, email address, and displays which pages have been visited and when. Fastbase continues to research additional benefits and features to support its initiative of providing the best lead identification software in the B2B industry. Start using Webleads for free here