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A New Reality – Profitable, Cost Effective, and Entertaining Location-Based VR

Private Label VR is changing how Virtual Reality can drive traffic and profitability for FEC’s, Amusement Parks, and Resorts across the US and Canada

Salt Lake City, UT, Dec. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  • Partners in Location Based VR – we provide the latest tech and best games to provide financial value to the business owner while providing an entertaining attraction to the end customer
  • Expertise – we created the first VR Arcade, first CRM that integrates with various platforms, and have the latest hardware & games to keep your customers coming back for more
  • Value – with the latest in hardware and industry leading software, we offer a premium product at roughly 60% of the cost of our competition
  • Innovation – Our software is unmatched with over 180+ games to select from, the ability to re-market and promote to customers, and has built in loyalty rewards – with more to come in Q1 2019.

[Salt Lake City, UT 12/5/18] - Virtual Reality use is growing rapidly worldwide.  By 2025, VR is expected to grow 765% to over 1.5B users (Statista).  The growth is even more aggressive in location-based VR.  FEC’s, Amusement Parks, Resorts, Theaters, and various entertainment outlets are installing commercial VR setups across the world.  Forbes estimates that Location-Based VR to more than double in 2018 to $1.2B.  Furthermore, Location-Based VR is expected to grow to over $8 Billion by the end of 2022.  That is +566% growth in 4 years!

The challenge for businesses in the past when investing in Virtual Reality has been the extensive cost for a multiplayer or multi-booth system.  A few years ago, these systems could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even eclipsing the $1M mark.  This made an ROI impossible given the throughput of VR, many systems only having a select number of games which reduced return rate, and the need for staffing.

Now, there are many Location Based VR companies vying for position with lower costs, screaming they have the fastest ROI even with hidden fees and still overpriced hardware.  This is where Private Label VR steps in.  We partner with you on your build to ensure it meets your financial objective as well as providing an entertaining attraction for your customers to keep coming back.  With over 180 games, an unmatched software to remarket & build loyalty, and the most cost-effective VR solutions on the market, we offer the most entertaining and complete “drop in place” solution in the industry.  Best yet - we do so at almost half the initial cost of some of our key competitors with no hidden fees, premium service, and an entertaining product.


Private Label VR is the leader in location-based virtual reality systems. With over 60 partners across US and Canada, we offer the most games, freshest content, industry leading software, and most cost-effective VR solutions in the industry. Our true value is in our expertise and partnership. We deliver the best result within location based virtual reality for your business and for your customers at roughly 60% of the cost of our competition. 

Bridger Mecham
Private Label VR