Seattle, Dec. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AstaMed, the Bellevue-based biotech pioneer with a new medical protocol currently available for the management of sarcopenia, announced a new nationwide distribution partnership with Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group. The new agreement will provide discounted pricing, the quality customer service for which Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group is known along with fast and friendly prescription refill services.

AstaMed MYO is a proprietary astaxanthin medical protocol for the management of sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle mass associated with aging. Sarcopenia typically starts at about age 40 and, for most people, progressively accelerates after age 65. Sarcopenia affects muscle size, strength, and performance, impacting an estimated 25% of the U.S. population age 60 and older.

Dan Mueller, General Manager of AstaMed explained, “This new partnership puts the healing power of AstaMed MYO within reach of those suffering the life-changing impact of sarcopenia, which so often robs people of their independence and mobility.” Mueller continued, “Our new agreement with Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, and the integrity they’ve delivered for nearly a century, allows us to reach patients with delivery directly to their home when they need AstaMed MYO the most.”

Those looking to learn more about sarcopenia and new approaches to treatment can explore webinars and other informational materials on the website:

Ryan Oftebro, CEO of Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group said, “Partnering with AstaMed helps us live our mission to offer new and leading solutions to allow our patients the opportunity for their greatest well-being.”

The AstaMed MYO and Kelley Ross Pharmacy Group distribution partnership also provides the option for patients to automate reminders and refills.

About AstaMed: AstaMed (@astamed) produces medical nutrition products that meet the Food and Drug Administration classification requirements as medical food. Its flagship product, AstaMed MYO™, is a new medical protocol currently available for management of sarcopenia. The formulation consists of proprietary natural astaxanthin, natural tocotrienols, zinc and vitamin D3.AstaMed is part of the AstaReal Group. For more information, please visit and

About Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group (Kelley-Ross): Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group is a 93-year old pharmacy focused on delivering the best care using the most innovative tools in the industry to help people live better lives. Divisions and services of the company include long-term care, mail order, community, compounding, and foundation work including the Health Information Network. Other services include: pre-HIV medication prevention, travel medicine, the Naloxone emergency overdose program, and various in-home non-dispensing clinical services. For more information visit




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