Jebbit’s Consumer Data Trust Index Shows Widespread Lack of Trust in Major Public Brands

New report reveals a difficult consumer environment for top public-facing companies


BOSTON, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jebbit, the world’s leading declared data platform, recently announced the release of their Consumer Data Trust Index, a report surveying consumer trust in 100 of the world’s leading public-facing companies. American adult consumers were asked to rate, on a scale of one to ten, their level of trust in brands to use their personal data in exchange for more relevant offers, goods and services. Additionally, consumers were asked a variety of opinions to evaluate their motivations when sharing data with companies and brands. Published this year for the second time, the Consumer Data Trust Index showed far-reaching lack of trust by survey respondents in major public companies.

According to the results of the Consumer Data Trust Index, Amazon, Google and Visa are the three companies most trusted by consumers. However, Amazon was the only brand to score higher than 6.0 in average consumer trust, indicating that there is significant room even for high-performing brands to improve their trustworthiness among consumers. The strong performance of service providers like Amazon and Visa indicates that consumers are willing to allow brands to collect their data if it will be used safely and productively and if they receive value in exchange. According to respondents, the most significant factor in causing distrust is brands asking for too much information; 66% of respondents indicated that it is most important that brands store and use only the data provided by consumers to facilitate more relevant services.

Facebook, the last place finisher in the prior report, was ranked 89th out of 100 brands in terms of overall trust, with an average score of 3.45, this time. At the same time, the report also indicated that consumers are eager to trust Facebook, with 54% of respondents choosing Facebook as the company they most wish they could trust more with their personal data. 

"The Consumer Data Trust Index reflects the ethical conflicts currently taking place in the marketing industry. It is clear that those brands who have moved towards consumer controlled relationships already benefit from greater levels of trust among consumers, and those that don't follow suit will likely be forced to by legislation in the coming years," said Jonathan Lacoste, President of Jebbit.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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