SHANGHAI, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ctrip, Asia's leading online travel agency today announced the celebration of its 15th Anniversary of its listing on NASDAQ. To commemorate the occasion, the company remotely rang the NASDAQ opening bell in Shanghai. The bell ringing celebration ceremony, which was attended by Jane Sun, Ctrip CEO, James Liang, Ctrip Chairman, investors and travel partners celebrated Ctrip’s business achievements over the last 15 years as well as the challenges it has overcome.

Since its listing on the 10th of December 2003, this is the fourth time that Ctrip was invited to NASDAQ’s opening bell. Adena Friedman, CEO of NASDAQ said, “It is a great honour to share this day with you as you celebrate 15 years of listing on Nasdaq. This milestone is a tremendous achievement and we have certainly enjoyed watching your business thrive. Since listing on NASDAQ, you’ve grown to become the leading travel company in China and you have expanded internationally through the brand. When we look at Ctrip, we see tremendous entrepreneur spirit and a passion for innovation which truly inspires us.”

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From a business perspective, the company has extended its business scope from initially providing flight services and hotel reservations to become a one-stop travel platform with more than 60 products and services covering all aspects of tourism from corporate travel, high-speed rail, transportation, car rentals, financial services and more. Today, we generate nearly $100 billion USD of travel related transaction value trailing twelve months as end of third quarter 2018.

China’s travel industry has experienced a great change in the past 15 years, as the demands and needs of travel consumers have shifted. Ctrip has consistently refined its business model to adapt to these trends, placing an emphasis on reshaping the tourism industry through making advancements in services, technology and innovation. Ctrip Group has rapidly accelerated its international strategy through the development of its Skyscanner and brands that represent about 90 million active global users while in China through Ctrip and Qunar represents 100 million Chinese users. Ctrip now has more than 1.4 million hotel resources around the world, nearly 1000 international airlines and air ticket suppliers as well as oversea call centers in Edinburgh, Seoul and Tokyo. Ctrip Group will continue to explore overseas markets.

China’s travel market is huge and the online travel market still holds great potential, with total transaction volume predicted to exceed 1000 billion RMB by 2020, eventually reaching 15.2% market penetration. As an important leader, Ctrip will fully grasp the opportunity to further implement its globalization strategy and continue to penetrate China’s lower-tier-cities. Customer service and innovation are key factors for Ctrip to stay ahead thus Ctrip will continue to empower the travel industry through focusing on innovation, technology and ensuring that young talents are able to reach their full potential.

Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip said, “Going forward, Ctrip will continue to work with our great partners to promote the healthy development of tourism. As the largest online travel service provider in Asia, Ctrip currently only accounts for about 10 percent of the domestic market, so there remains plenty of room for future development.”

Ctrip Co-founder and Executive Chairman James Liang said, “As the tourism industry experiences rapid growth, Ctrip will continue to work hard to expand our scale advantage and seize the opportunities brought by globalization so as to realize Ctrip's long-term success. We wish to thank our partners and investors for their support over the last 15 years and look forward to further collaboration.”

About International, Ltd. International, Ltd. is a leading travel service provider of accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management in China. It is the largest online consolidator of accommodations and transportation tickets in China in terms of transaction volume. Ctrip enables business and leisure travelers to make informed and cost-effective bookings by aggregating comprehensive travel related information and offering its services through an advanced transaction and service platform consisting of its mobile apps, Internet websites and centralized, toll-free, 24-hour customer service center. Ctrip also helps customers book vacation packages and guided tours. In addition, through its corporate travel management services, Ctrip helps corporate clients effectively manage their travel requirements. Since its inception in 1999, Ctrip has experienced substantial growth and become one of the best-known travel brands in China.

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