Hot Springs Village, AR, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As Americans continue to lose faith in glucosamine to reduce joint pain, the number-one selling joint-health product in Holland has entered the U.S. market. Derived from green-lipped mussels initially discovered by Maori tribes in New Zealand, Synofit Premium® is clinically proven to reduce pain more effectively than Omega-3 fish oils and glucosamine.

“Holland is setting the pace in Europe for high-tech and organic products, and now in supplements,” said Dr. William Cortvriendt, Synofit USA medical officer and author of the book, Living a Century or More. “With so many 50+ Americans taking blood thinners and facing knee and hip surgeries, it’s time for something that works, with none of the harmful side effects, to replace ineffective supplements, dangerous surgeries and opioids.”

“Before recommending surgery, I ask my aging patients to try Synofit for 80 days,” said Dutch orthopedist Dr. Jan de Jong. “Seventy percent report improvements. The dominant product in this category, glucosamine, does not diminish inflammation, and the key to longevity is to reduce swelling. I see the Synofit supplement as a paradigm shift in chronic pain management for older adults. It can postpone surgery and improve quality of life.”

About Synofit
Glucosamine wasn’t working for Dutch entrepreneur Camiel Hofstee who was suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis. Then he met a veterinarian who spent 30 years developing a nutraceutical that virtually eliminated joint pain in injured Olympic jumping horses. After trying it himself, Camiel founded Synofit in 2009. Derived from green-lipped mussels, whose joint-health benefits were originally discovered by Maori tribes in New Zealand, this “secret formula” GLMax® supplement recently surpassed Dutch glucosamine sales. Synofit Premium is clinically proven to reduce pain more effectively than Omega-3 fish oils, glucosamine and chondroitin because it reduces inflammation and arthritis. It is recommended for older adults taking blood thinners instead of NSAIDs, since Synofit Premium has virtually no side effects. As the only GLM supplement combining 100 percent of the non-heated mussel itself (including furan fatty acids, unique Omega-3 oils, specific proteins and glycosaminoglycans, Bio-CM100® Bio-Curcumin and blackcurrant leaf), it is now available in the U.S. in liquid capsule and pure liquid form. For more information please visit Contact John Metzger, 303-641-1062,


John Metzger
Synofit USA