DNA Brands Acquires NEO High Alkalized Superwater (NEO)

Fort Lauderdale FL, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- DNA Brands Inc. (OTC PINK: DNAX), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Betta4U Brands “DBA” NEO Superwater, as a wholly owned Subsidiary.  Betta4U Brands Inc. (B4U) is a Delaware Corporation that has concluded the acquisition of NEO Superwater. Betta4U Brands is comprised of three members, of which Mr. Bernard Rubin is the Majority Shareholder.  This acquisition is in the form of a Restricted Share Exchange with DNA Brands Inc.


As part of the transaction, Mr. Bernard Rubin, Founder of Betta4U Brands Inc., will be appointed to the board of DNA Brands Inc., and will serve as DNA Brands President, in charge of all beverage related matters.  Mr. Rubin moved to the USA in 2010 from South Africa, where he started his business career with a Degree in Business Management, followed by an MBA from Bond University (Queensland, Australia). Mr. Rubin is a serial entrepreneur, whose international beverage resume spans multiple continents.

Benard Rubins experience in the beverage industry is as follows below

C-Level experienced beverage executive (C-level, also known as C-suite, is an adjective used to describe high-ranking executive titles within an organization.  In this context, the letter C stands for chief).

- New market business development (USA and Global).

- P&L management and accountability.

- Strategic planning & execution.

- Franchising, distribution agreements & joint ventures.

- Innovation & new product development (cradle to shelf).

- Supply chain management through bottom-up forecasting, demand planning & budgeting.

- Engaged venture capital funds, fund raising, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.


- Experienced (20 yrs. plus) seasoned global beverage professional.

- Experienced in general management.

- Sales, distributor, retail and broker management.

- Online business development, strategy & execution (web, E-commerce & social media). 

- Integrated marketing, business development & commercial expansion.

- International business and product development.

- Brand management and strategic sourcing.

- Procurement and global trading.

Mr. Rubin has launched several brands, managed and developed bottlers, distributors and retailers through the entire supply chain from inception to shelf.


Throughout his career, he has managed and developed bottlers, distributors and retailers through the entire supply chain with several leading global beverage companies, such as Cott Beverages, Halewood International, Ice River Springs, and recently VP of International Business at New Age Beverage Inc.  

Mr. Rubin’s specialty as highlighted above, is in the beverage and consumer goods industry.  Betta4U Brands has combined its skills in business, consumer goods, and in the sports industry, to bring new products to diverse markets for long-term market presence.  Betta4U/NEO Superwater specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high alkaline, electrolyte and antioxidant water. 

Since its inception in late 2011/2012, NEO has consistently grown revenue to about One Million per year for the past 4 years (netting about $300-$400K profit annually).  NEO also has direct wholesale customers which represent about 20% of the revenues. NEO’s gross margins are 45% plus, and the brands main competitors are Essentia Water and AquaHydrate.  



NEO High Alkaline Superwater can be found in most major natural food stores, grocers, convenience stores, nutritional stores, health & wellness stores, gyms and more across the country, predominantly on the West Coast.  Expansion efforts will now concentrate on the East Coast.   

National Distributors and NEO timeline is as follows below

2011 Secured UNFI West. 

2012 Secured Natures Best + AMAZON. 

2013 Secured UNFI East + 2 KEHE Warehouses. 

2014 Secured All of KEHE Warehouses. 

2016 Secured Supervalu. 






SUPERVALU (2 Warehouses).

Category Trends

Consumers are shifting towards healthier options, including premium waters and functional beverages.  No calories are viewed as one of the healthiest beverages; consumers are drawn to more functional waters with added benefits.  The Premium Water Market is worth $2.8 Billion.*

Forward Growth Strategies Ahead For DNA Brands

The growth strategy from this point is as follows:  

  1.  Increase distribution (USA, Canada & UK). 
  2.  Add new product lines (extending further into Functional Waters). 
  3.  Develop strategic partnerships with leading international beverage companies seeking to enter the US market, and adding unique products to the current distribution model. 
  4.  Pursue growth by acquisition of complimentary brands and value added partners.

New Products for 2019

First Quarter (Q1) 2019 - NEO plans to release an already developed oxygenated water, in one of the hottest drink sectors with a nationally known bottler/copacker.  More details to follow.

DNA Energy & Coffee

DNA Energy, which was launched in 2007, was in the marketplace until 2014.  During that period, it generated substantial revenue, won multiple awards and had sales in several states among many major retailers.  Under Mr. Rubin’s leadership, guidance and direction, DNA Brands fully intends to revive DNA Energy Drinks, focusing primarily in select and niche markets, also tweaking the formula, geared towards Organic reformulations.   To begin with,  Mr. Rubin plans to do this by leveraging many high profile relationships and partners he has nurtured over the years. 

Planned launch of products in the United Kingdom

“Through our partnership and shareholders of SRP Equipe Ltd., plans are well underway to launch NEO Superwater, and subsequently the company’s full line of products during 2019,” stated Rubin.  SRP Equipe Ltd., consist of a group of retired and current professional soccer players, based in the United Kingdom, led by Lateef Elford-Alliyu, who have far reaching and long standing relationships across the UK, EU and Africa.

Lateef Elford-Alliyu

Saido Berahino

Romaine Sawyers

Rubin commented:  “It is with great pleasure to jump on board with DNA Brands, and I’m really looking forward to building a range of world class beverages in the natural and better for you category.  By utilizing the NEO Water Distribution Platform, we will expand distribution and introduce new lines with select distribution partners, globally. Carving out a niche in this highly competitive space will be a challenge that I am looking forward to, and together with the DNA team, building long-term sustainable growth to provide shareholder value.”   

NEO Superwater is currently available in thousands of national retail stores (2500+), in natural food stores, grocers, C-stores, nutritional stores, health & wellness stores, gyms and more.  National distributors include: UNFI West, UNFI East, Kehe/Tree of Life, Nature’s Best, Amazon.com, and 4 direct store delivery distributors. 

“I am very pleased to welcome Bernard and the NEO Superwater Brand to DNA.  NEO will shortly be audited by a PCAOB Auditor that I have previously selected to qualify us as a reporting company, enabling DNA Brands to uplist to a higher tiered exchange.  The financials will also demonstrate about One Million dollars per year in revenues, for the past few years.  NEO’s sales and revenue have been derived with minimal to no marketing and advertising whatsoever.  I look forward to learning from and working with Bernard to grow DNA Brands to the next level,” stated CEO Adrian McKenzie.


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