New Acquisitions Offers Mentorship & Sponsorship for Junior Enterprise (JE) USA SUMMIT 2018

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, GA, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Acquisitions, a prestigious marketing firm in the Atlanta area, focuses on training and mentorship as well as community involvement. The marketing team had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Enterprise (JE) USA Summit October 11th through the 13th, 2018. Participation in this event allowed them to provide training and mentorship as well as donate toward furthering education within the community.

JE USA, founded in the US in 2016, their purpose is to “close the gap between theory and practice and to form better-prepared students out of college.” JE USA strives to provide entrepreneurial experience and relevant projects for students prior to graduation, which enables them to be better prepared for the business world upon completion of their education. New Acquisitions fosters a similar belief, by providing training and mentorship to all their employees to empower them for any future endeavors. New Acquisitions offers plenty of internship opportunities due to this belief as well. The opportunity to work with the JE USA Summit was offered to them by a former intern, now External Relations Director with JE USA, Shivam Jariwala.

Several key Corporate Trainers and members of the Management staff at New Acquisitions were asked to act as marketing mentors at the JE USA Summit. Members of the New Acquisitions team were able to impact students participating in the Summit and provide insight on how to fine-tune marketing presentations as well as how to cater to an audience. Vishal Khana, Co-Director of Operations at New Acquisitions remarks, “It was an honor to participate in the Summit and a joy to be able to impact the participants and hopefully empower them to pursue future endeavors.” The New Acquisitions team was also able to participate in the Career Fair with hopes of providing further career opportunities for the participants involved.

Large corporations including Anheuser Busch, Eureca, Falconi, Teach for America, and Honest Tea sponsored the JE USA Summit 2018 alongside New Acquisitions. Co-Director of Operations, Andrew Kline states, “When our former intern, Shivam Jariwala reached out in regards to participating we were ecstatic to be awarded the opportunity to impact future leaders within our community. JE USA and New Acquisitions foster such similar beliefs in regards to fostering entrepreneurship and empowering students for future growth that we knew it was a great fit and were happy to help!”

New Acquisitions thoroughly enjoyed participating in the JE USA Summit and do not anticipate it to be their last collaboration. “It was an amazing experience working with the students and JE USA as a whole. We would love to work with them in the future and help with upcoming events if given the opportunity!” exclaimed Kline.

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