United Country Real Estate Celebrates 90th Anniversary of National Catalog

United Country Remains Dedicated to Innovation in National Real Estate Marketing


Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United Country Real Estate is celebrating the launch of the first national real estate catalog, originally printed and distributed in 1928 and in continuous publication since then. The first catalog is housed in the Smithsonian Institution as an original historical document in Washington, D.C., and recognized as marketing innovation for its time.

United Country has a rich 93-year history of innovation. It opened its first office in Fayetteville, Ark., in 1925 with a vision to market local listings nationally. The company maintained a focus on farms and land for sale in the early days. In 1928, the first ever real estate catalog was launched by the company, featuring 36 pages with 225 farm and land listings nationwide with a total property value of $728,095. The highlight was a 160-acre farm in Missouri for $1,750. Over the years, the design and quality of the catalog, the number of featured listings and the average price of the listings have all increased dramatically.

Today, the United Country Catalog is available digitally, but it is also still available in print nationally. It is printed twice a year in full color and features 176 pages of farmland, vacant land, ranches, hunting and recreational property, waterfront property, commercial property, international properties and more. With a readership of over 2 million annually, United Country affiliates often use this catalog as showpiece to advertise their local listings, locally, statewide and across the nation.

“I have been honored to be a part of the historic United Country Catalog for over 20 years,” said Michele Frisby, Senior Creative Director for United Country Real Estate “Many of our customers refer to the catalog as their “dream book”, like the old Sears catalog for adults.  Since 1928, this groundbreaking publication has changed the way buyers and sellers of lifestyle and country real estate connect and do business and allowed our affiliates to win more listings by offering a platform no other real estate company can offer. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve this unique and powerful marketing tool, and look forward to continuing to produce this national showcase of lifestyle properties.”

In addition to the Catalog, United Country has an unmatched inventory of other innovative marketing strategies to fulfil their mission of providing broader exposure for local listings. They established their tagline as “National Marketing, Local Expertise®.” The innovation continued throughout the decades, advertising local real estate listings in national newspapers in the 1940s and national magazines in the 1950s, the first real estate company to do so. In the 1970s, United Country introduced national buyer database and direct mail marketing and also launched e-marketing systems 10 years later. By the 1990s, it launched the first national real estate website.

Today, United Country remains an innovator in national real estate marketing. It offers vast internet marketing, unique niche property programs, advanced e-marketing programs and social media advertising, automated marketing, national magazine and newspaper advertising and more than 3,500 high-performing websites that include office websites, agent websites and special property group websites. It also offers custom marketing by the largest in-house real estate advertising agency and has an opt-in database of more than 700,000 buyers.

”This is an important milestone as we approach 100 years of driving marketing innovation in real estate.  Our dedication to constantly innovating how we reach potential buyers and exposing local properties more broadly is as clear and strong today as it was when this catalog started it all in 1928.  Our business has never been stronger and the catalog started it and has remained a key part of this solid marketing foundation over nine decades,” said Mike Duffy President of United Country Real Estate.

View the latest United Country Catalog digitally, or order your own copy, at www.UnitedCountry.com/publications.  For more information about United Country Real Estate, call 800-999-1020 or visit their newly launched website at UnitedCountry.com.


About United Country Real Estate


United Country Real Estate – a division of the United Real Estate Group – is the leading, fully integrated network of conventional and auction real estate professionals. The company has been an innovator in lifestyle and country real estate marketing since 1925. United Country has a combined network that supports more than 500 offices and 6,000 real estate professionals across four continents, with a unique, comprehensive marketing program. The exclusive program includes the highest ranked and largest portfolios of specialty property marketing websites, unequaled national print advertising, the largest internal real estate advertising agency, an extensive buyer database of more than 750,000 opt-in buyers and additional proprietary programs to advertise properties more broadly.



The cover of the original catalog published in 1928. The highlight of the catalog was a 160-acre farm in Missouri for $1,750. The actual presentation of the United Country Catalog being accepted into the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

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