Houston, Texas, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Megola, Inc. (OTC: MGON),

Megola Corp. CEO Eric Ottens, says that Acordy President, Francis Baez, has disclosed that the initial test marketing of their OG Kush products have been well received by customers in Europe. The Cannaviar, the banana OG Kush and the OG Kush oil seems to be particularly favorites. In the U.S. the OG Kush strain of medical marijuana is renowned for its medicinal qualities and it is easily one of the most popular strains sold by dispensaries today. OG Kush is considered to be a powerful night-time medication that is good at easing body ailments, chronic ailments, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression vomiting, digestion issues and much more. While OG Kush has long been popular in the U.S., in Europe it is only now beginning to make inroads with medical marijuana consumers. It is Megola’s goal to be a leading distributor of OG Kush products in the European Union (EU) a market larger than the U.S.

The Company also wishes to notify all shareholders and persons of interest that Megola, Inc. will be making announcements and updates via social media. Updates can be found at on newly created new social media channels on Twitter https://twitter.com/MegolaMMJ and a Facebook Business Page https://www.facebook.com/Megola-Inc-1844493719004617 .

Acordy S.A. is currently a privately owned Spanish company that was formed in late 2014. Acordy is primarily involved in the production and distribution of food items from Spain with a concentration in olive oils and wines from the Iberian Peninsula. Acordy became involved in the production and distribution of medical marijuana products and is commencing the commercialized launch of CBD products.

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