Algolia Announces Enhanced Personalization Features

Algolia launches new tools to customize, automate and control search results and content discovery — giving businesses power to make every moment relevant

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Algolia, a leading Search and Discovery API for websites and mobile apps, today launched Personalization — its latest solution to enable businesses to build and automate highly customized, engaging search experiences. This announcement marks the next step in Algolia’s vision to leverage user behavior and analytics to make the search experience smarter and more relevant to users.

Building a meaningful search experience is about more than queries and results — it is a starting point to discovery. However, making that moment of discovery personalized, relevant and natural to the user is a complex technological and mathematical challenge. Many businesses often forego personalizing search experiences due to a lack of resources and skills to build, forcing them to adopt a one-size-fits-all search strategy.

Algolia’s new Personalization features aim to address the complexities of search relevancy and eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach with a tool to easily build, customize and automate the search experience. Every use case — whether it’s products, digital content, help articles or more — requires unique ranking formulas and parameters in order to be relevant to the intended audiences.

Through the Algolia dashboard, businesses can easily fine-tune relevancy and personalization formulas to meet their specific use case — improving the customer experience and increasing engagement and conversions in an instant.

“Businesses that fall behind in modernizing their digital search strategy risk turning away consumers accustomed to experiences that are seamless and tailored to their preferences,” said Stephen Hendrick, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Algolia is addressing the challenge of personalization and relevancy head on with its new Personalization, which empowers organizations to leverage their on-site search technology to build and automate a highly relevant experience for their customers.”

With Algolia’s new Personalization solution, businesses can:

  • Utilize behavior to influence search: Identify a wide range of individual online behaviors and preferences, and optimize the search ranking strategy accordingly to show more relevant results.
  • Increase relevance with custom rankings: Dynamically display content and products a user is more likely to be interested in — helping to increase engagement while minimizing bounce rates or empty shopping carts.
  • Control and automate formulas: Control how rankings will be impacted, using a mathematical approach based on key criteria such as views, clicks and conversions to determine the content most relevant for a given user.
  • Easily refine strategy: Adjust and refine personalization strategy to capitalize on changing consumer preferences or new insights with a ranking strategy that is quick and easy to set up.

“The ability to personalize a user experience across platforms from a mobile experience to a web app provides huge potential for our business,” said David Piry, product manager at Videdressing. "Our fashion marketplace caters to diverse tastes, budgets, levels of fashion expertise and search behaviors, so the more we are able to simplify the user search experience by showing personalized results, the increased likelihood they will end up purchasing products. We’re excited to bring Personalization to life with Algolia.”

“Your users are not clones. While they all expect quick and relevant search results, if three people search the same keyword, they may have different expectations for results based on their unique background, interests or taste,” said Julien Lemoine, co-founder and CTO of Algolia. “Personalization is significant to any natural search experience as it adds a personal layer and increases relevancy in results. By integrating analytics-based user preferences into the query experience, you expand the possibilities of search and discovery.”

For more information about Algolia’s Personalization solutions, read more on our blog and website.

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