People Monitoring and Safety Solutions Markets, 2022 - Focus on North America & Europe: Number of Monitored Lone Workers in Europe and North America Reached 900,000 in 2017

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The market for lone worker protection solutions and services in Europe and North America is forecasted to grow from 110 million in 2017, to reach more than 260 million in 2022.

The number of users of dedicated lone worker safety devices based on GPS and cellular technology on the European market is estimated to grow from 500,000 users in 2017 to reach 1.1 million users at the end of 2022. In North America, the number of such users is estimated to grow from 155,000 in 2017, to reach 375,000 at the end of 2022.

In Europe, app-based solutions are today estimated to account for around 20 percent of all solutions, while in North America more than 40 percent of the solutions are based on apps for smartphones and tablets. In both regions, app-based solutions are forecasted to account for an increasing share of lone worker safety solutions in the coming years.

The lone worker safety market is led by a handful of specialist companies based mainly in the UK and Canada, where legislation specifically addressing the safety of lone workers has fostered growth. SoloProtect and Send For Help Group has grown to become two of the world's largest providers of lone worker safety solutions and services. Send For Help Group mainly serves the UK market and operates under the three subsidiaries Peoplesafe, Skyguard and Guardian24. SoloProtect is active in the US, Canada and other parts of Europe in addition to its main UK market. Both SoloProtect and Send For Help Group, also operate their own alarm receiving centre (ARC). Additional companies with notable market shares in the UK include Reliance High-Tech and Safe Apps.

In Canada, the main providers of safety devices and services for lone workers are Blackline Safety, Tsunami Solutions and Aware360. Blackline Safety has been known for developing technologically advanced safety devices for lone workers using both cellular and satellite communications technology. The market drivers for lone worker safety solutions include occupational safety regulations, increasing employee insurance costs and higher awareness of risks associated with lone working. The number of individuals working alone is also expected to grow as businesses strive for increased efficiency. A job previously performed by two persons or more is now being done by a single worker.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive summary

1 Overview of people location solutions
1.1 Device segment
1.1.1 Mobile phones and smartphones
1.1.2 Dedicated people locator devices
1.2 Positioning segment
1.2.1 Mobile network-based location technologies
1.2.2 GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass/BeiDou 2
1.2.3 Wi-Fi positioning
1.2.4 Bluetooth
1.3 Network segment
1.3.1 Public cellular networks
1.3.2 The cellular M2M connectivity market in Europe and North America
1.4 Platform segment
1.5 Market segmentation
1.5.1 Family locator services
1.5.2 Pet locator devices
1.5.3 Medical and telecare location solutions
1.5.4 Mobile workforce management
1.5.5 Lone worker protection
1.5.6 Electronic offender monitoring

2 Family locator and consumer-oriented locator solutions
2.1 Handset based family locator services
2.1.1 Mobile operator branded family locator apps
2.1.2 People locator apps
2.1.3 Location sharing services
2.1.4 Consumer oriented locator devices
2.2.1 General purpose locator devices
2.2.2 Child locator devices
2.2.3 Pet locator devices
2.3 Company profiles and strategies
2.3.1 BrickHouse Security
2.3.2 CareWhere
2.3.3 Comtech Telecommunications
2.3.4 Garmin
2.3.5 Haltian
2.3.6 hereO
2.3.7 Jiobit
2.3.8 Kippy
2.3.9 Life360
2.3.10 Location Labs (Avast Software)
2.3.11 Pawtrack
2.3.12 Republic Wireless
2.3.13 SPOT (Globalstar)
2.3.14 Suchmich
2.3.15 Sygic
2.3.16 Tractive
2.3.17 Vodafone
2.3.18 Weenect
2.3.19 Whistle Labs (Mars)
2.3.20 WTS Positioning Solutions
2.3.21 Yepzon

3 Medical alarm, mobile telecare and mPERS devices
3.1 Overview of demographics and common medical conditions
3.1.1 The ageing population
3.1.2 Medical conditions
3.2 Telecare and PERS solutions
3.2.1 The telecare service value chain
3.2.2 Telecare and PERS services in Europe and North America
3.2.3 Mobile telecare and mPERS devices
3.3 Company profiles and strategies
3.3.1 Buddi
3.3.2 Doro
3.3.3 Emporia Telecom
3.3.4 Everon
3.3.5 GreatCall
3.3.6 GTX Corp
3.3.7 Laipac Technology
3.3.8 Lok8u
3.3.10 MobileHelp
3.3.11 Navigil
3.3.12 Nortek
3.3.13 Philips Lifeline
3.3.14 Tunstall Healthcare Group

4 Mobile workforce management and lone worker safety services
4.1 Employment statistics
4.1.1 Employment by industry
4.2 Mobile workforce management
4.2.1 Market segmentation and key market players
4.2.2 Mobile workforce management business models
4.3 Lone worker safety
4.3.1 Lone worker legislation and standards
4.3.2 Adoption of lone worker safety solutions
4.3.3 Lone worker protection devices and services
4.4 Company profiles and strategies
4.4.1 Actsoft
4.4.2 AlertGPS
4.4.3 Aware360
4.4.4 Blackline Safety
4.4. ClickSoftware
4.4.6 Fleet Complete
4.4.7 GuardianMPS
4.4.8 Honeywell
4.4.9 Oysta Technology
4.4.10 pdvWireless
4.4.11 ProntoForms
4.4.12 Reliance High-Tech
4.4.13 Safe Apps
4.4.14 Scandinavian Radio Technology
4.4.15 Send For Help Group
4.4.16 ServiceMax (GE Digital)
4.4.17 SoloProtect
4.4.18 Track24
4.4.19 Trimble
4.4.20 Tsunami Solutions
4.4.21 Twig Com
4.4.22 Vecima Networks
4.4.23 Verisae (Accruent)
4.4.24 Verizon Connect
4.4.25 Vismo (Cellhire)

5 Electronic offender monitoring
5.1 Prison population
5.2 Offender monitoring programmes
5.2.1 Electronic offender monitoring in North America
5.2.2 Electronic offender monitoring in Europe
5.3 Offender monitoring service providers and devices
5.3.1 Monitoring service providers
5.3.2 Tracking devices and major providers
5.3.3 Mergers and acquisitions in the electronic offender monitoring industry.
5.4 Company profiles and strategies
5.4.1 Alcohol Monitoring Systems
5.4.2 Attenti
5.4.3 BI Incorporated (GEO Group)
5.4.4 Comp Electronic Monitoring
5.4.5 Corrisoft
5.4.6 G4S
5.4.7 Geosatis
5.4.8 Satellite Tracking of People (Securus Technologies)
5.4.9 Sentinel Offender Services
5.4.10 Sierra Wireless
5.4.11 SuperCom
5.4.12 Track Group

6 Market forecasts and trends
6.1 Market forecasts
6.1.1 Family locator services and consumer-oriented people locator devices
6.1.2 Pet locator devices and services
6.1.3 Mobile telecare, mPERS and medical alarm devices
6.1.4 Mobile workforce management services
6.1.5 Lone worker protection services
6.1.6 Offender monitoring solutions
6.2 Market trends
6.2.1 The technology giants reintroduce location sharing functionality in apps
6.2.2 Locator device vendors diversify into serving the needs of businesses
6.2.3 The pet locator market still suffers from low market awareness
6.2.4 Mobile telecare solutions open up new market opportunities
6.2.5 Growth in connected things will drive the market for mobile WFM solutions
6.2.6 The addressable market for lone worker safety solutions is growing
6.2.7 Stronger focus on software and analytics within offender monitoring
6.2.8 The threat from large technology companies

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