RUDDCO Inc. Announces the Start of Operations in the Cranbrook Botanical Garden

MIAMI, Dec. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ruddco Inc., a Florida-based company, in conjunction with Orange Hill Limited under a joint venture agreement is announcing an expansion of cannabis operations and the opening of tourist attractions on the island of Jamaica.

Ruddco Inc. is pleased to announce that its joint venture partner, Orange Hill Limited has recently secured a long-term commercial lease on the 230-acre Cranbrook Botanical Garden located in the St. Ann Parish of Jamaica.

The Cranbrook Botanical Garden is one of Jamaica's noteworthy and popular tourist attractions. Joint venture partners Orange Hill Limited and Ruddco have fully taken over the operation of the garden and all commercial activities associated. The Botanical Garden, the River Trail, River Head, picnic grounds, playground, restaurant and gift shop areas of the park have now all been fully restored and made operational by the joint venture partners Orange Hill Limited and Ruddco Inc. Future development will include an eco-resort featuring twenty eco-friendly luxury cottages for the experience known around the world as “Glamping”. These cottages will have a very small carbon footprint and positioned to have maximum natural ventilation and views. Planned additional recreational activities to be developed by the joint venture will be a restored Zip Line ride, river tubing, Kids Adventure Zone, Zen Garden, a Wellness center and Spa, along with an Events Eco Dome. The joint venture will continue to develop their agro-processing business along with their research and development efforts on property adjacent to the Botanical Garden Eco resort. The joint venture partners also intend to use the eco-resort as a platform by which it will market for direct consumption the health and wellness products produced in their agro-processing facility or newly developed products deriving from their research and development division. The broad portfolio of additional revenue streams created by the eco-resort will allow the joint venture to quickly attain profitability prior to fully establishing its cannabis and other related products in the international marketplace. Moreover the eco-resort can also be used to test market newly launched health and wellness products that may be developed in the future by the joint venture partners.

According to company management this is an ideal situation for Ruddco because the Cranbrook Botanical Garden eco-resort is adjacent to the joint venture's agro-processing, research, and production facilities. This will allow the sharing of power, water, and road access to both properties. Moreover the wide range of flowering plants and herbs naturally growing in the Cranbrook Garden in combination with the various strains of cannabis and hemp developed by Orange Hill Limited will be used in research aimed at developing blockbuster compounds to be introduced to the holistic medical community or further refined by large international drug companies. These blockbuster compounds can potentially serve as the basis of new breakthrough medications and treatments for various infectious diseases and chronic conditions.

The recent legislation passed in Jamaica ('Ganja Law', 2015), ensuing amendment and the proposed further reform to policy concerning Ganja solidifies the National commitment to creating a Ganja industry. Burgeoning opportunities are presented by a newly emerging legal Ganja industry (replacing the underground trade) in Jamaica, benefiting both the country and global investors. This emerging market has the potential to create a strong, self- sustaining economy for Jamaica - projections by economists estimate that legal marijuana has the potential to become a worldwide US$100+ billion industry (per annum) within five years.

The management team of Vantage Advisors continues to be very “upbeat” and highly optimistic with respect to the future prospects of Ruddco and Orange Hill. With the Cranbrook now coming on line it will be a potential cash cow that can keep the company financially sound while research for blockbusters is being conducted, and markets are being aggressively penetrated. Vantage Advisors management feels as if this combination of businesses can give Ruddco and Orange Hill a “one-two punch” that can provide strong income and growth potential going forward. Vantage Advisors principal goes further to say that the financial benefits of the symbiotic arrangement between the Cranbrook Garden, the cannabis grow, the agro-processing and medical research facilities will most likely enable Ruddco Inc. command a premium valuation in the marketplace.

According to the Ruddco management team local and tourist traffic in the Cranbrook Botanical Garden is already starting to pick up. The feedback they are getting from patrons online and in person have been quite positive thus far. It is estimated on average 300,000 to 400,000 tourists visit Jamaica each month. Ruddco management has set a goal of capturing 4% of this traffic. With proper marketing and promotion Ruddco management feels as if this is a very attainable goal, and reaching it would make Ruddco a financial powerhouse in the industry.


Ruddco Inc. is in the business of developing health and wellness products from cannabis extractions and other related herbal botanical products for sale, distribution, and licensing. Its principal offices are presently located at Miami Florida. The Officers of the Company are Jonathon R. Black ESQ, Theresa A. Ruddock, and Cheryl Cole.

RUDDCO/OIL Joint Venture intends to utilize the vast botanical wealth of Jamaica to supply the new and rapidly increasing demand for therapeutic and pharmaceutical grade oils and extracts inspired by sound enthno medical principals passed down for generations.

For more information on RUDDCO please email or call Company representative Jonathon R. Black at 305-300-9812.

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