Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc. Announces Purchase Order for 300 Park Model Homes.

Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Gen-Biofuel (OTC:EGBB), “EarthGen” or “the Company”, announces that it has received a purchase order for 300 of its Park Model Homes for delivery starting in the first quarter of 2019.

Earth Gen and International Housing Concepts (“IHC”) an operating division of Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc. received a formal purchase agreement from HVHOMECENTR LLC, operating in the State of Oregon as Hope Valley Resorts. The purchase agreement calls for the purchase of 300 Park Model Homes that will accommodate the expansion of Hope Valley Resorts existing 100 home Community.

Robert Hayes CEO, stated, “working with Hope Valley Resorts is an opportunity for Earth Gen and IHC to have a long term purchase agreement to support our manufacturing process for Park Model homes. We are starting the production of the 300 Park Model homes which are a unique design to meet the needs of the Hope Valley Resorts community. Earth Gen is receiving a series of substantial production deposit payments according to the terms of purchase agreement due to the specific design requirements of the purchase agreement”.

To accommodate the needs of dedicated production facilities IHC is using a combination of a subcontractor and its own production facility to produce the homes purchased by Hope Valley Resorts. IHC is in the process of provisioning facilities to meet the 10 to 20 units a month delivery schedule for Hope Valley Resorts and also provide production capacity to support additional similar purchase agreements.

About EarthGen-BioFuel and its IHC Subsidiary

In June of 2018, Earth Gen Biofuel Inc. changed its management and the focus of its business operations to meeting the downsizing trend for living space for millennials and people approaching retirement age. Our housing designs and construction methods meet the need for affordable housing units. Our company’s state of the art small “Park Model Homes” and “Tiny House” designs provide housing units that accommodate both on and off grid installation as well as mobile units, giving us access to a broad segment of the market. Our target markets include resort housing communities, Veteran’s communities, temporary housing for construction workers at remote locations, and emergency housing needs resulting from natural disasters.

Our goal is to deliver high quality, cost effective dwelling units that employ technology, sustainability and ease of maintenance requirements. We are working directly with real estate developers to create housing units that meet the need of each unique situation and community resident. 

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About Hope Valley Resort

Hope Valley Resorts community is located in the famous Willamette Valley, one of Americas highly prized wine growing regions that has become a destination for tourists and those looking for a lifestyle that compares to the Napa and Sonoma wine areas of California. The 70 acre Hope Valley Resorts is an upscale, gated community of 100 homes with 194 finished home sites and expanding to a total of 400. The Hope Valley’s resort-like atmosphere features all of the requisite amenities including a clubhouse, gym, sport courts, pine forests, walking trails, swimming pool/spa and additions as 300 plus homes are added in the coming 24 months. Hope Valley Resorts provides what people want, a Lifestyle with first class amenities, the beauty and ambiance of the surroundings, combined with a strong sense of truly belonging to a community.

Hope Valley Resorts was one of the first of its kind in the nation and the only such one in Oregon to feature full time living in a Park Model home. Hope Valley Resorts is uniquely positioned to attract people who are part growing trend where people from all walks of life are finding they desire to “Downsize and Live Larger”.

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