Company Plans to Launch Both Items in 2019

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J., Jan. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Edison Nation, Inc. a full-service product development company has introduced two new products in the toy and infant-sleep category: “Lullaplayer” and “My Buddy Bernie.”  

Lullaplayer is a children’s MP3 player designed to look and feel like a classic portable record player.  It stores up to six melodies that link to three authentically designed toy records. When the player’s turn table spins, it has the capability to detect the single corresponding music file associated with the upside of the specific record playing.  If the user switches the record or changes the side, the player switches the song automatically. The MP3 player comes pre-loaded with music; however, families have the option to interchange their favorite bed time melodies as well. The Lullaplayer will launch under Edison Nations’ brand, Cloud B, for the 2019 holiday season.

My Buddy Bernie
Given the strong market for interactive toys that do not require extensive set-up or a constant connection to phones or Bluetooth, Cloud b is also introducing a new interactive plush toy, My Buddy Bernie. My Buddy Bernie is a voice activated, interactive playmate for kids that requires no set-up and works right out of the box. When Bernie is spoken to, he can reply with one of over 100 charming and fun phrases. During playtime, Bernie is voice activated and replies with silly sayings.  For bedtime, Bernie plays sleepy phrases for 3 minutes, then automatically yawns, says “Good Night,” then plays a soothing lullaby.

“Edison Nations’ Cloud B brand continues to show product ingenuity in the infant sleep category. Our ‘Lullaplayer’ and ‘My Buddy Bernie’ products are just some of the examples of the creative interactive products coming in 2019,” said Chris Ferguson, CEO of Edison Nation, Inc. “I absolutely love the idea of an innovative new product with a classic spin. Over the years,  record players were such staple in millions of family households. I relish the fact that Edison Nation is bringing back this classic concept with a modern take and introducing it to a new generation.” 

About Edison Nation, Inc.
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