LOS ANGELES,CA, Jan. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – NUGL Inc. (OTC: NUGL) (the “Company”), a one-stop shop for all things cannabis through the intelligent connection of consumers and companies, is pleased to announce that, through its wholly owned subsidiary NUGL Media, the Company has launched its new advertising server, “Advertising Serve and Share Platform.”  

"We have built our own highly specialized ad server for the cannabis industry. Now all cannabis companies can advertise on any website or digital platform in and out of the NUGL community. By doing this we have broadened our scope of advertising reach, which will also broaden our ability as a company for increased advertising revenue generation,” stated CJ Melone, Founder of NUGL. “We built this robust ad server to serve ads to any platform and the goal is to share this technology and not just keep it to ourselves.  As always, NUGL believes that the growth and evolution of the industry is paramount and that ultimately what is good for the cannabis industry is what’s good for NUGL and its shareholders.”

“The new platform is much more than a simple ad serving piece of technology,” explained Bob Waters, Vice President of Sales, NUGL Inc. “Our developers have created a tool that will allow us to serve both on a national and a hyper-local GEO targeted delivery format. But perhaps the biggest release with this tool is that we can manage complex advertising campaigns over multiple separate unassociated websites. This functionality immediately allows NUGL to be an all-inclusive one-stop digital advertising destination solution in the cannabis space.”

In addition, NUGL has announced that they have officially opened the opportunity for any cannabis business to join their Extended Digital Network. While a member of the network, they will be able to earn advertising credits as part of the “Share and Serve” technology program.

About NUGL

NUGL is the world’s first cannabis search app built for the people, by the people. Our goal is to build the most user-friendly app experience in the cannabis industry by listening to our users and giving them what they want. NUGL is the only cannabis search app that offers equal and unbiased search results. We don’t sell top-spot listings or fake reviews, so our data stays true. Use NUGL to search for genuine user-rated dispensaries, strains, doctors, lawyers, cannabis service providers, vape shops, hydro stores, brands and more. NUGL’s flexible web app has no geographic limitations and can rapidly connect cannabis companies, related vertical services and users. The NUGL iOS and Android app brings a powerful cannabis search tool within reach of anyone, anytime, anywhere with the ease of a smartphone.

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