Obvious introduces the world’s first app store for low-power embedded devices  

Launches beta testing for select Nordic-based products

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Obvious launches the Nordic-customer-exclusive beta testing of the Obvious Platform at the 2019 Consumer Technology Association’s CES conference in Las Vegas.

Obvious is an app store for embedded devices, allowing low-power, wireless devices to leverage a full ecosystem, including mobile and cloud tools that power painless payments, integrated licensing, fleet management, and device metrics. The Obvious team has worked closely with Nordic to develop a Platform that is currently available exclusively on Nordic-based devices.

“Obvious is a secure, lightweight, embedded platform that enables after-sale features and upgrades,” explains Ben Hilborn, Managing Director of Obvious. “With Obvious, Nordic-based customers can make the most of their existing devices - from those spare CPU cycles, an extra I/O port or unused Bluetooth airtime. We strive to make this an effortless experience for vendors -- enabling them to package up existing functions or make new ones, charge a fair price and open up new revenue streams.”

“Obvious adds another dimension to our leading edge wireless technologies. We were at the forefront of Over-the-Air Device-Firmware-Upgrade (OTA DFU) on our Bluetooth enabled radios, which has enabled our customers to update their end products in the field. The Obvious platform takes this one step further and enables our customers to not only bring more value to their products, but also add a new app based revenue stream, similar to what consumers have already embraced on their smartphones for years,” says Thomas Soederholm, Director of Business Development at Nordic Semiconductor.

About Obvious

Obvious is an app store for low-powered embedded devices. It is a division of 4iiii Innovations, a Canadian company that has grown several disruptive startups focusing on wireless embedded sensors from wearable to IIoT. Obvious head office is in Cochrane, Alberta and can be found online at obvious.xyz

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