LONDON, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For businesses, particularly those that have a global footprint, 2018 was something of a mixed year. The good news came out of the US, where strong growth allowed the Federal Reserve to pursue a more normal monetary policy. The bad news concerned the unintended effect that this had on the developing world.

Tighter monetary policy in Washington created a strong US dollar, making it more difficult for some emerging economies to repay their debt. Throughout 2018, a number of currencies, including the Turkish lira and the Indian rupee, struggled. Despite the challenges that this posed, a number of forward-thinking companies were able to navigate the tricky nature of international business. These are the organisations recognised by the World Finance 100 Awards 2018.

While protests in France, Brexit uncertainty and issues relating to the Italian budget created further cause for concern, 2018 was not without its positives. Greece finally exited its eurozone bailout programme in August, employment figures remained high across much of the developed world and global growth is forecast to continue for the next twelve months.

Another reason for optimism came in the form of exciting innovations in the corporate world. Neobanks continued their onward march, offering customers faster, simpler digital services, while developments in machine learning and 5G communications should help usher in new industries and stimulate growth even in uncertain times.

Last year was not without its challenges, but they were far from insurmountable. The World Finance 100 acknowledges the companies that did not shirk from the problems they faced, whether internal or external, and instead used hard work and creativity to find a solution. Congratulations to all those that made the final list.

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