Pacific Northwest Master Sculptor, Laran Ghiglieri, To Create Heroic Monument for Treasure Investments Corp.

Battle Ground, WA, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treasure Investments Corporation’s founder, Mark Russo, awarded this latest commission to Laran Ghiglieri, son of the world-renowned Lorenzo Ghiglieri.  Laran, endowed with his father’s brilliant talent, skillset and passion, adapts his own techniques as he creates these heroic works. “Laran is the right artist for this project. He works with impressive efficiency, and we really do work well together and just finished several other pieces for us. They are incredible. The extraordinary stagecoach sculpture took almost one year to complete. Demand is high, and it is selling as quickly as we can cast it.  Admirers who have chosen one of these works for their own collections agree this western piece is unlike anything else on earth.  We agree. It’s breathtaking!” says Mark Russo.


Laran recently completed several commissions for Treasure Investments Corporation.  The most recent examples include a 34” bronze Grizzly Bear entitled Prize Catch, a 38” bronze American Bald Eagle, Bold Spirit, and, what has now become one of TIC’s most-sought-after pieces, Stage Coach Gold. Laran Ghiglieri’s Stage Coach Gold is a stunning seven-foot long Concord stagecoach drawn by a distinctive six-horse team.  Each horse is an individual study:  powerfully built, reacting to the driver’s whip, straining to pull the magnificent coach to safety.


Within the genre of wildlife artists, few compare to Laran Ghiglieri.  His works are in private collections, and on public display, worldwide.  Having created over 100 limited edition bronzes, many of his pieces have sold for over $100,000.  Tens of thousands of his bronzes have sold, and most of his earlier limited editions are entirely sold out.


Mark Russo,  Treasure Investments Corp. founder, knew that Laran was the right artist for this important commission.   Working from his studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and close to TIC’s headquarters in Battle Ground, Washington, Laran has completed the original pencil renderings.  After meticulously detailing the final drawings, he’ll begin the sculpting process, building upon a wood and steel armature platform using professional-grade foam.  Laran will then use a special artisan wax for the final detail work. The result will be a pair of larger-than-life American Bald Eagles violently grappling over a salmon.


Once Laran completes the wax original, TIC will carefully transport the piece to its foundry where the master mold will be created.  Upon completion of the mold, which will include numerous in-process, quality-control inspections, the Treasure Investments team will proceed with production of the piece, cast in bronze, in a limited edition of only 50.  Once completed, and over 10’ in height, it will be quite simply, spectacular!


About Treasure Investments Corp

TIC has a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desktop images and collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments. The company’s master mold collection contains hundreds of original molds from world-famous artists in the United States and Europe. For more information, visit


Final rendering of the Double Eagle Heroic Monument by Laran Ghiglieri The talented Laran Ghiglieri with his original wax-in-progress maquette of the Double Eagle Monument

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