Cambridge, MA, Jan. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cytel Inc., a global provider of advanced analytical solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, today announced the launch of OK GO, the first commercially available software to underpin quantitative go/no-go decision-making frameworks in clinical trials.  The innovative product helps sponsors make faster, more robust decisions about their products to improve their R&D productivity.

Yannis Jemiai, Senior VP of Software Development and Consulting at Cytel said,Ultimately, a biopharma or medical device company’s success depends on its ability to efficiently decide which development candidates to take forward, and which to terminate. OK GO empowers organizations to make data-driven go and no-go decisions by defining the criteria and planning the outcomes upfront. In this way, by the time the incoming data is available, the next steps are clearly mapped out for all stakeholders.”

Cyrus Mehta, Co-Founder of Cytel and a Fellow of the American Statistical Association added, “At Cytel, we are committed to applying our statistical and analytics expertise to help our customers bring beneficial new therapies to patients, faster. OK GO transforms decision-making across the product lifecycle by reducing the bias that leads to late phase attrition and poor R&D productivity. By offering more streamlined and objective decision-making, OK GO accelerates development cycle times and ultimately speeds time to market.”

OK GO is the commercial release of custom software originally developed as a collaboration between AstraZeneca and Cytel scientists to enhance the established decision-making framework in AstraZeneca’s early clinical development group.

The capabilities of OK GO include:

•    Improved decision-making speed as decision information can be generated in real-time and scenarios worked through

•    Streamlined communication between stakeholders with consistent, presentation-quality decision plots

•    Reduced labor costs of statisticians in programming decision criteria



•    Accommodates most therapeutic areas and endpoints (normal, binomial, survival)

•    Account for historical information using Bayesian models and incorporate adaptive designs with early futility assessments

•    Store and organize computed designs in the OK GO repository

•    Share computed designs simply with other system users

•    Create decision information easily with the user-friendly, web-based application


OK GO was shortlisted for the 2018 Scrip Awards in the category of Best Sponsor-Focused Technological Development.

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Cytel and AstraZeneca Early Clinical Development Software Collaboration Facilitates Clinical Development Decision-Making. [Online]

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