Speak Better. Win More: BitCot Brings its Expertise in AI and Natural Language Processing to LikeSo PRO’s Suite of Apps to Analyze and Improve Speech

LikeSo PRO Delivers the Power of Voice-Driven Learning & Analysis to Salespeople, Consultants, Executives & Students Who Want to Communicate Effectively & with Confidence

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What is the value of every speech interaction?  Words matter, run deep, and have an impact on our success.  It’s never been effective, affordable and scalable to train everyone on speech...until now.

Today, Say It Media announced that it has partnered with BitCot, Inc., an award-winning digital transformation company, to bring its expertise in SaaS, mobile apps, AI and natural language processing (NLP) to LikeSo® PRO’s suite of applications.  BitCot prides itself on using emerging technology to turn high-impact ideas into reality.  With LikeSo PRO, BitCot is using NLP to analyze human language, using speech-to-text and drawing on contextual patterns to level the playing field and improve speech outcomes. LikeSo PRO is available for demos here.

“Building apps that humanize technology and solve problems is our goal and our responsibility,” said Raj Sanghvi, technologist, and BitCot CEO.  “With LikeSo PRO, we are using natural language processing and machine learning to solve the language barrier and improve communication by personalizing, measuring, analyzing and training everyone on speech.”

Traditionally, communication training has been a one-size-fits-all approach. LikeSo PRO offers a private, engaging and effective way to take training down to an individual’s skill level for personalized learning and remediation.  LikeSo PRO provides powerful speech solutions at scale with objective measures of speech proficiency, instant assessment and immediate opportunities for remediation.  Whether giving a speech, making a sales pitch, managing a customer crisis or interviewing for a job, LikeSo PRO puts professional speech training in a user’s hands.   Features include:

  • Three training modes for speech fitness: FreeStyle, TalkAbout and RapidFire
  • White label branding and customized key words and phrases (to avoid and reinforce), topics and prompts
  • Objective, data-driven, measurable analysis including word usage, pace, pauses, audio playback, live transcripts, sharing, etc.
  • AIDA, your A.I. Dialogue Assistant, which uses data to shape learning and practice
  • Programmatic, dynamic learning portal
  • Desktop and mobile practice tools, anytime/anywhere

“Success demands confident communication and our suite of speech apps give everyone access to a professional speech coach on their desktops and in their own hands,” said Audrey Mann Cronin, founder and CEO of Say It Media.  “We are thrilled to work with BitCot and its brilliant CEO and technologist, Raj Sanghvi.  BitCot knows how to code and design speech applications using AI and voice services to prepare executives and students so they are on-message, articulate and confident for big moments and business-critical situations.”

About BitCot

Founded in 2011 and led by CEO, Raj Sanghvi, BitCot is a full-service award-winning digital transformation company.  BitCot prides itself on taking great ideas to reality, delivering custom solutions for both startups and leading brands. From strategy to UI/UX design to digital prototyping, BitCot’s expertise is in designing and developing innovative mobile and web products for all devices. With a strong focus on emerging technologies (AI, voice, data, blockchain, etc.), BitCot leads the growth of your next successful venture.  BitCot is headquartered in San Diego, CA.  Visit us at https://www.bitcot.com/ and on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter @Bitcot. 

About Say It Media, Inc.

Say It Media, Inc. was created to advance the traditional corporate learning space by applying new technology to teach soft skills at scale.  The company’s category-defining and highly popular application LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach is the leading speech fitness app in the Apple Store powered by a voice recognition technology, two practice modes and a proprietary scoring system. In Q3 of 2018, the company launched A.I.-powered enterprise product, LikeSo PRO.  LikeSo PRO improves communications skills and levels the playing field by bringing engaging tools, collaboration and scalable one-to-one training to the enterprise market.  The company was founded in December 2015 by Audrey Mann Cronin, communications expert in the technology industry. The company’s client list includes Cornell University, UNC Chapel Hill, Stony Brook University, Ketchum PR and Livongo.  The apps have won praise from a spectrum of communication experts, and from media outlets like CNN, USA Today, CNBC, Mashable, VentureBeat, Cosmopolitan. and NY Times. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  @LikeSoApp or email us at info@sayitlikeso.com.

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