Three Rivers, MI., Jan. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Armstrong International hosted its first Thought Leadership in Higher Education Facilities Management Forum on December 3-5, 2018. The forum was designed to grow and develop professionals responsible for facilities management by sharing knowledge, strategies and best practice applications among peers in higher education facilities management. The event drew participation from 37 facility management personnel representing 24 colleges and universities across the country.

“We recognize that many colleges and universities share common pain points including an aged infrastructure, reduced budgets, a skilled workforce that is nearing retirement, as well as meeting goals of reducing energy consumption and ensuring environmental sustainability all while expanding it campuses,” said Tom Hiatt, Director of Institutional Higher Education Markets for Armstrong International.

The two-day program featured peer-led panel discussions on topics ranging from energy reduction and sustainability initiatives, to optimizing performance of aged infrastructures and effect management of resources under reduced budgets and staff. Panelists from the University of Nebraska, Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame and Western Michigan University presented case studies, strategies and best practices to address these common pain points.

The event was held at the new Armstrong Learning Center in Three Rivers, Michigan and included a tour of Western Michigan University that featured a hands-on look at best practices including the use of technology to optimize energy management and performance in a large-scale facility.

“Collaborating and learning from other higher education peer groups helped bring perspective of what areas we can improve as well as an understanding of best practices,” said Craig Spencer, Energy Services Director for Oklahoma State University.

“Our motto at Armstrong is ‘Knowledge Not Shared Is Energy Wasted®’ and we are proud to serve as a catalyst for sharing knowledge that helps everyone achieve more,” said Hiatt.

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