NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Valence Group Inc., a digital transformation solution provider focused on helping enterprise customers worldwide understand and apply next-generation technologies in a smart and innovative way, today at National Retail Federation 2019 announced the release of the Retail Innovation Accelerator. This program launches an accelerated retail solutions incubator, powered by internal innovation projects and strategic partnerships across voice & chat, telemetry & insights, and modern supply chain – all key focus areas for next-generation retail companies.  This is the fourth Innovation Accelerator released by the company, coming after the release of the HoloLens Innovation Accelerator, Blockchain Innovation Accelerator, and Voice and Chat Innovation Accelerators released in 2018.  Built by the Valence Innovation Team, the Innovation Accelerator program strives to provide a specific — and often vertical, industry-oriented — software framework to help “jumpstart” real-life solutions. 

“We are thrilled to be assembling our resources and assets to develop software frameworks and reference architectures for our retail customers,” said Jim Darrin, President at Valence Group.  “At Valence we focus on digital transformation technologies and how they work together to deliver real business results for customers.  We believe that the retail industry – which faces challenges in engaging customers across experiential spaces, omnichannel platforms, and complex supply chains – is searching for solutions that increase operational efficiency while delivering more end-user value.”

Additionally, the company announced two new partnerships with key retail software and service providers.  Measuring retail telematics has become a fundamental requirement in the retail industry and using new and modern edge devices – such as smart cameras and beacons – have revolutionized how this data can be visualized and aggregated.  Today, Valence announced it is partnering with Footmarks, an enterprise beacon solutions provider, to become a reseller and channel partner for delivering end-to-end retail telemetry solutions to customers. 

“Footmarks is excited to partner with Valence as their preferred proximity and location solution technology to create even more value and innovation for retail and consumer product goods (CPG) customers that are embarking on a digital transformation journey,” said Brian Slettvet, Senior VP of Sales at Footmarks. “The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and scalable cloud computing are creating vast amounts of data and new opportunities for collaboration and integration between solution and service providers. By partnering together, Footmarks and Valence bring best of class technology and service capabilities to new and existing customers.”

Additionally, the company announced a partnership with ImagiCorps, a leading supplier of physical solutions that support brand initiatives across retail displays and environments, trade show exhibits, interactive kiosks, and launch events.

“ImagiCorps is incredibly proud to partner with Valence on next-generation omnichannel retail experiences that blend the physical and digital worlds,” said Solomon Hutchinson, Vice President at ImagiCorps. “ImagiCorps’ 30-year history in capitalizing on strategy, design and deployment, coupled with Valence’s innovation and experience in pushing digital frontiers continue to create impact and drive tangible, industry-leading results.”

For more information on these new retail initiatives or to learn more about how to work with Valence, please visit our Retail Innovation Accelerator blog post.

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