The integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is making a significant change in the way companies do business.

In anticipation of this, Sidetrade a leader in AI business technology, created their Data Science lab in 2013. Staffed by highly qualified engineers and data scientists, the lab continuously develops Sidetrade's world-exclusive platform, which enhances the entire customer relations process, from prospecting to payment collection.

Today, Sidetrade is pleased to announce that Clément Chastagnol has been appointed Head of Data Science. At the helm of the Lab, he will be overseeing R&D in key fields of Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

A graduate of Ecole Centrale, Lyon and INSA Lyon, Clément Chastagnol, Phd, wrote his doctoral thesis on the detection of emotion in the human voice for robotics applications, under the guidance of Professor Laurence Devillers, author of Des robots et des hommes ("Of robots and men"). Over the last five years he has acquired solid experience in Artificial Intelligence for B2B marketing. He contributed to Sidetrade's winning a Concours d'innovation 2018 award for EuroFirmo, a project to create a single authoritative dataset, accurate across 26 million EU companies (see press release of 12 December 2018).

Clément Chastagnol will coordinate the data science teams based in France and England with two main objectives: industrialize the use of Deep Learning to make algorithms more effective, and extend the integration of Natural Language Processing technologies to improve collection and analysis of text data from sources such as websites and social networks.

As Sidetrade researchers, we take pride in contributing to the field of Artificial Intelligence while bringing added value to businesses. It's fascinating and very gratifying. Deep Learning allows us to quickly ramp up the power of our solutions to give our customers awesome results." said newly appointed Clément Chastagnol.

Clément will continue to write papers and give talks on his fields of expertise and on Sidetrade's vision of the latest AI breakthroughs which will be shaping the-customer relationships of tomorrow.

Olivier Novasque, founder and CEO of the Sidetrade group, said:

Clément is a talented researcher, who shares our pragmatic approach to AI. Our aim is to bridge the gap between fundamental research and practical business applications with high added value for our customers. Clément will put augmented intelligence to work for our customers' Marketing, Sales and Financial departments. »