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Global Bicycles Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016-2018 & 2024

Dublin, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Bicycles - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Bicycles in US$ Thousand by the following Segments:

  • Mountain Bicycles
  • Road Bicycles
  • Hybrid Bicycles
  • Youth Bicycles
  • Others Bicycles
  • Parts & Accessories

The report profiles 249 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Accell Group N. V. (The Netherlands)
  • Currie Technologies (USA)
  • Raleigh Ltd. (UK)
  • Winora Staiger GmbH (Germany)
  • Amer Sports Corporation (Finland)
  • Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd. (India)
  • Avon Cycles Ltd. (India)
  • Campagnolo S.r.l (Italy)
  • Cycleurope AB (Sweden)
  • Dorel Industries Inc. (Canada)
  • Cannondale Bicycle Corporation (USA)
  • Pacific Cycle Group (USA)
  • Schwinn Bicycles (USA)
  • Fox Factory, Inc. (USA)
  • Giant (Taiwan)
  • Hamilton Industries Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • Hero Cycles Ltd. (India)
  • Huffy Corporation (USA)
  • Merida Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Montague Corp. (USA)
  • M S Bhogal and Sons (India)
  • Santa Cruz Bicycles (USA)
  • Shanghai Forever Import & Export Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Shanghai Phoenix Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Shimano, Inc. (Japan)
  • Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. (USA)
  • Tandem Group plc (UK)
  • TI Cycles of India (India)
  • Trek Bicycle Corp. (USA)

Key Topics Covered:


A Prelude
Global Bicycles Demand Growing at Healthy Pace
Market Overview
Measures to Boost Cycling Usage
Rising Prevalence of Obesity Spurs Demand for Bicycles
Riding the Economic Rollercoaster and Bikenomics
Future Prospects High
E-Bikes to Experience Massive Increase in Popularity
Regional Usage Patterns
Bicycle Parts and Accessories
A Review
Smart Bicycle Accessories
Pricing of Bicycles
Rising ASPs
A Key Trend
Cost Considerations
Current & Future Analysis
Hybrid Bicycles Gaining Ground
Road Bicycles
Riding High on Technology Evolution
Mountain Bike Segment Registers Rising Demand
Growth Restraints
Cycling in Developed and Developing Countries
Developing Countries Display Strong Fondness for Mid-Range Bicycles
Bike Sharing
A Latest Urban Development
Production & Export/Import Scenario
Taiwan - A Key Producer of High-End Bicycles
China -To Emerge as the Hot Spot for High-End Bikes

Volatile Gas Prices Boost Bicycle Sales
Oil Production Nearing Saturation: Stimulus for Electric- Bicycles
Growing Focus on Traffic Congestion and Environment Issues Spur Demand
A Potential Solution to Global Warming
Reduction in CO2 Emissions and Energy Usage
Rising Usage of Bikes in Urban Areas
Overview of Electric Bicycles
Demand for Electric Bicycles Gains Momentum
Definition of E-Bicycles in Select Regions
Impact of Technological Advancement on Bikes
An Emerging Standard in Mountain Bikes Segment
Wheels Become Stronger
Endurance Bikes: Futuristic Trend with High Potential
Carbon Technology
Permeating at Faster Rate
Disc Brakes to Emerge as New Standard for Road Bikes
Tubeless Tires Gain Steady Adoption Among Road Bikes
Fat Tires and Rims in Vogue
Folding Bicycles Witness Healthy Growth
Initiatives Encourage Bicycle Riding
Novel Sophisticated Features Improve Growth Prospects
Growing Demand for Cars in Developing Countries Adversely Impacts Market
Escalating Metal Prices Pressure Manufacturers
Transforming from Traditional Manufacturing to High-tech Industry
Aggressive Promotions Spur Market Penetration
Distribution Channels

Innovation Trends
Cyclist Safety First
Bike Detection System
Smart Bikes and Handlebars
Indication Bands and Gloves
Indicator Lights
Navigation Convenience
Smart Bikes
Smart Wheels
Smart Handlebar
Bike Security
GPS Tracking
Invisible Locks
Smart Locks
Disc Brakes
Innovations in the Bicycle Segment
Select Innovations in Bicycles
Innovative E-Bikes
Wooden Bikes
Technological Advancements Boost Design and Production
Self-filling Bottle
Bicycle Seat for Elderly
Sharing Bikes
Electronic Shifting
BSMART Technology
Collision-warning Sensor
Power Generating Bicycles
Copenhagen Wheel
Bike Trainer
Innovative Bicycle Concepts
Innovative Products and Solutions
Innovations in the Smart Bikes Space
Wearable Technology
Redshift ShockStop Suspension Stem
Vyron eLECT Wireless Dropper seatpost from Magura
Lumos Helmet
Solid Tires
ShockWiz Suspension-setting System
SRAM Red eTap Wireless Shifting System
Limits Power Meter
Variotronic Electrochromic Sunglasses
Nuseti Sealed-drive Train Mountain Bike
Imprint Moldable Grips
Fluent Suspension Wheel
Patchnride Flat-patching Tool
Shimano XTR Di2 Electronic Shifting System
Power Generator
Hank Direct Bike from Bygen
Skylock Solar Powered Lock
Hiplok DXC
Calfee Design Convertible Bikes
Zackees Turn-signaling Gloves
Wine and Cupholders
Crash Pad
The Extras
Innovations in Bicycling Ecosystem
Colored Dash Line
Colorful Cycle Tracks
Incorporating Signature Art into Bikes Facilities
Safe Bike Routes
Friendly Bike Streets
Connected Slopes and Levels
Smart Traffic Lights
Harnessing Data from Cycle Tracking Apps
Social Bridges
Bicycle Piazzas
Bicycle-oriented Development
X-Last LumArt Bollard- Krola
Solar Power for Cycling Tracks
Painting Universal Stencils on Pavements
Unisex-family Bathrooms
Innovative Street Design
Side Lanes
Increasing Quotas for Bikes in Car Parking
Discourage Double Parking
Wider Cycle Tracks
Different Color Schemes for Bike and Bus Lanes
Activating Lights for Signaling Priority
Placing Faade of Storefronts
Converting Unused Tunnels as Cycling Tracks
Bicycle Path in Buildings
Cycling Tracks via Buildings
Bicycle Escalator
High Trestle Trail Bridge
Exclusive Bridge for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Cycle Snake
Light Diodes
Italian Piazza Lights
Pollution Cleaning Tower
Glowing Street Trees during Night
Glowing Cycling Track during Night
Heated Cycle Tracks and Bridge
Light Companion or Green Wave
Activated Signals
Longer Activation of Light during Rains
Bicyclist Foot Rests
Canopy Tent
Improved Intersections
Protected Intersection
Bicycle Countdown Signal
Power from Solar Panels for Melting Snow and Ice
Solar-panel Cycling Track
Antifreeze Concrete / Asphalt for Melting Snow
Colored Road Pavement
Drainage Ditch
Building Bicycle Roads Using Soil and Dirt Stabilizers
Bike Share Programs
Dockless Bike Sharing
Incentivising Cyclists
Innovative Options for Bicycle Parking to Promote Biking
Bike Centric Parking
Bicycle Parking for Children and Seniors
Bike Parking Space in Offices
Green Bike Parking Modules
Cylindrical Bicycle Parking
Parking for Cargo Bikes
Innovations that Address Disaster Management Plans
Flood Proof Bike Parking
Bike Bus
Shared Resources
Emergency Evacuation Routes
Involvement of All Public Departments
Water Saving Parks

Market Review
Key Players in Bicycles Supply Chain
Leading Bicycle Brands of Various Companies
Bicycles Market for New Players
Opportunities in the Bicycles Market
Issues and Challenges for New Entrants
Assessing the Market before Taking a Plunge
Bicycle Components Market

Mountain Bicycles
Demand for Mountain Bicycles
Mountain Bicycle Models Based on Material Used
Road Bicycles
Types of Road and Specialty Bicycles Based on the Material
Touring Bicycles
Utility Bicycles
Recumbent Bicycles
Sports and Road Racing Bicycles
Hybrid Bicycles
Electric Bicycles: An Emerging Segment
Advantages of an Electric Bike
Youth Bicycles
Juvenile BMX Bicycle Models Based on Materials Used
Other Bicycles
Parts and Accessories
Bamboo Bicycles: Take a Ride on Your Imagination
Bike Sharing Programs
Inculcating Interest in Cycling
Defining Various Bicycle Facilities
Complete Street
Cycle Tracks
Contra Flow Lane for Bikes
Buffered Lane
Painted Bike Lane in-between moving Traffic and Parallel Parked Cars
Painted Bike Lane in-between Moving Traffic Sidewalk Curb
Shared Lane Markings
Shared-use Paths
Signed Bike Routes
Various Guidelines for Building Bicycle Facilities
Biggest Innovations Ever
Pneumatic Tires
Thinwall, Butted Frame Tubing
Cable-Operated Rim Brakes
Clipless Pedals
Drop Handlebars
Generator Hubs
Quick Release
Indexed Shifting
Select Innovative and Creative Bicycles
LEAOS Solar Bike
VANMOOF's Electrified S Bike
Sandwichbikes from Pedalfactory
Oko from Biomega Bikes
Sladda from IKEA

Raleigh Introduces Classic Bikes Fern and the Willow
ENVE Introduces Seven M Series Mountain Bike Wheelsets
Spin and LimeBike Launch Electric-Assist Bicycles
Norm Architects Releases a Range of Electric and Manual Bicycles
Campagnolo Introduces Bora One DB Wheel
Montague Launches Crosstown Multi-purpose Bicycle
GT Bicycles Launches New Line of Freestyle BMX Bikes
Blue Bicycles Launches Three Mountain Bikes
Montague Bikes Launches Urban, the Foldable Pavement Bike
Vello Introduces Self-Charging Foldable e-Bike
Budnitz Bicycles Unveils Model E, a High-Tech and Simple e-Bike
Montague Bikes Introduces Boston, the Full-Size Single Speed Foldable Bike
Montague Bikes Introduces Allston, A High End Luxury Bike
Volata Launches a Premium High-Tech Bike for Next Gen Cyclists
Montague Bikes Releases FIT, a Portable Bike for Fitness Freak Women
Montague Bikes Introduces High Performance Mountain Bike, Paratrooper Elite
Montague Bikes Introduces Paratrooper Highline, a Easily Foldable High Performance MTB
Montague Bikes Launches Navigator, the Folding Touring Bike
Liv Launches the all-new 2017 Hail Series Racing Bike for Women
Montague Launches the Paratrooper Pro, a Mountain Bike for Hunters
Xiaomi Launches Folding e-Bicycle for Congested City Roads
Schwinn Launches SmartStart Bikes for Children
Google Launches Self-Driving Bicycle in Netherlands

Accell to Acquire Beeline Bikes
HNF Heisenberg and Nicolai Merge to Form HNF Nicolai
Urbo Collaborates with the London Borough of Redbridge to Roll out 125 Dockless Bikes
Liberty House Acquires Shand Cycles
Bosch eBike Systems Acquires COBI
Pon Holdings Acquires Faraday Bicycles
Tube Investments to Acquire 80% Stake in Great Cycles and Creative Cycles
Trek Bicycle to Acquire Bike Line
Rossignol Group to Acquire Felt Bicycles
Youon Bike Merge with Hellobike to Compete with Industry Giants
LVMH Acquires Stake in Cicli Pinarello SpA
ASI Acquires Performance Bicycle
Gobike to Deploy Bicycle Sharing System in Rotterdam


Analytics by Segment


A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Overview
Road Cycling Declining in Popularity
Rise in Demand for Fatbikes by New Cyclists
Cyclocross Sport to bring Riders Back to Dirt
Promoting Adoption of Bicycling in Daily Life through Innovative and Creative Designs
Potential of Station-Less Bike Sharing in the US Market
What Does the Future Hold?
Growth Drivers in a Capsule
Facts & Figures
Cycling as a Sport Sustains Participation Rates
Demographic Trends
Bicycle Transportation in the Limelight
Electric Bicycles Gain Popularity
Issues Regarding Electric Bicycles
Increasing Use of Carbon Fiber Results in Outsourcing of Bicycle Production
States Implement Bike-Friendly Initiatives
Manufacturers Shift to Commuters
Distribution Channels
European Internet Retailers Garner Large Share
Imports and Exports Scenario
The US Bicycle Industry: A Historical Perspective
Product Introductions/Launches
Recent Industry Activity
Key Players
B.Market Analytics

A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Structure
Bike Rental Schemes Gain Popularity
End Users
Key Player
B.Market Analytics

11.3 JAPAN
A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
A Primer
Key Statistical Findings
E-bikes Market Segment to Expand
Key Player
B.Market Analytics

A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Bikes Registering Better Sales Performance than Other Means of Mobility
Children's Bicycle Market
ASPs Rising Amid Surging Demand for EPACs
Electric Bicycles Witness Surge in Demand
Bicycle Sharing Schemes to Benefit Demand
Key Statistical Data
Select Cycling Innovations
3D Printed Bikes
Tannus Tires
See.Sense Lights
Major Cycling Trends
Wider Rims
Wider Tires
Aero Road Bikes
Motorized Bikes
Bikes with Built-in Power Meters
Tubeless Tires
Electronic Gears
Disc Brake on Race Bikes
Road and Mountain Bikes
Key Prevailing Trends
Heritage Display
Raw Carbon Usage
Metallic Shades
Colorful Patterns
Big Tires
B.Market Analytics

11.4.1 FRANCE
A.Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Electric-Powered Bicycles Gain Momentum
City Bikes Remain Popular
Key Statistical Findings
Strategic Corporate Development
B.Market Analytics

11.4.2 GERMANY
A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Scenario
The Newsmakers
Channels of Distribution
Specialist Bicycle Shops Gain Significance
Strategic Corporate Development
Key Player
B.Market Analytics

11.4.3 ITALY
A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Overview
Product Introduction
Strategic Corporate Development
Key Player
B.Market Analytics

A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Scenario
Men's Bicycle Market
Women's Bicycle Market
Kid's Bicycle Market
Growth Drivers
Market Bogged Down by Lower Participation in Cycling
UK Uninteresting to Manufacturers
Folding Bikes
An Upcoming Segment
Retail Scenario
Product Launch
Strategic Corporate Developments
Key Players
B.Market Analytics

11.4.5 SPAIN
A.Market Analysis
Market Overview
B.Market Analytics

A.Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Market Overview
Bicycles Ride Smooth in Netherlands
Product Introduction
Recent Industry Activity
Key Player
B.Market Analytics

11.4.7 RUSSIA
Market Analysis

A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Focus On Select Markets
B.Market Analytics

A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Revival of the Bicycle Industry: The Key to Health and Wealth of a Nation
Vital Statistics of Asian Bicycle Industry
Pedaling Tourism: A Booming Industry
Clearing the Blocks: The Philippines Way
Bike-Sharing Schemes: Enabling Integration of Cycling in Public Transport
B.Market Analytics

11.5.1 CHINA
A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Overview
Growing Disposable Incomes to Spur Demand for High-End Bicycles
Demand for E-Bikes
A Review
Market Regulations on E-Bikes
Growing Demand for Cars Adversely Impacts Market
Bike Sharing Influences Bicycles Trends
Factors Driving Bike-Sharing Adoption Rate
Issues with Bike Commuting
Challenges Connected with Bike Sharing
Export Scenario
Product Introduction
Strategic Corporate Development
Key Players
B.Market Analytics

11.5.2 INDIA
A.Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Market Overview
Cycling its Way into the Urban Market
The Premium, Lifestyle and Fancy Bike Market
Demand for High-End Bicycles Gains Momentum
Fancy Bikes: A Product Segment to Mine
Premium Brands Grow in Popularity
Manufacturers Drawn Towards Tier-2 Cities
Internet Media and Other Marketing Initiatives
Made in China' Threatens India
Anti-Dumping Duties Offer Respite
Strategic Corporate Development
Key Players
B.Market Analytics


  • Total Companies Profiled: 249 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 276)
  • The United States (68)
  • Canada (7)
  • Japan (3)
  • Europe (107)
    • France (3)
    • Germany (21)
    • The United Kingdom (16)
    • Italy (31)
    • Spain (5)
    • Rest of Europe (31)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (87)
  • Latin America (4)

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