Industry Experts to Present on New Levels of Business Intelligence and Legal Defense Using Cloud-Based Data Archiving and Analytics

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Archive360®, the world’s leader in intelligent information management that drives down the cost, risk and uncertainty of digital transformation to the Microsoft Cloud, today announced its first 2019 webinar in partnership with Osterman Research. Scheduled for January 24th at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern, the webinar is titled “Archive Your Business Content and Unlock its Potential” and is based on a new report by the firm which focuses on best practices around advanced analytics and robust data archiving to reinforce business resiliency.

Industry leaders recommend that organizations today need to be proactive in the archiving of business-related data for both business development and the defense of their operation against legal challenges. The need for more detailed business insights that drive revenue generation is an ongoing requirement for nearly every business and with the operation of a business come lawsuits, regulatory inquiries, or other reasons to search for specific data in the company’s trove of corporate data. By combining a robust archiving solution with an analytics capability, decision makers are now able to collect and archive valuable insights and intelligence from such data – not only for legal issues, but also for competitive insights and other business intelligence.

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When: January 24th at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern

Speakers: Bill Tolson, Vice President, Marketing for Archive360 and Michael Osterman, President, Osterman Research.

About: This webinar will explore how next generation data archiving combined with powerful analytics has the ability to rapidly improve corporate positioning. The experts hosting this webinar will present use cases illustrating the importance of the technology in real world examples.

“The practice of retaining all relevant business records for the appropriate length of time for legal, regulatory and compliance purposes is an essential best practice for any organization,” said Michael Osterman, President, Osterman Research. “However, by combining a robust archiving solution with an analytics capability, businesses now have powerful intelligence that provide a new level of understanding for the purposes of growing the organization’s position in the market. On this webinar, we’ll explore such approaches and review case studies that show the value gained from these solutions.”

“While legal defense, regulatory compliance, and storage management are longstanding corporate archive use cases, customer and prospect management, the detection of policy violations and prevention of insider threats are important new applications of the technology,” noted Bill Tolson, Vice President, Marketing, Archive360. “With many IT, business development, compliance and legal professionals now realizing the benefits of advanced archiving and analytics, we are pleased to align with Osterman Research on this topic to provide a deeper understanding of this area.”

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